which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Burials – Alphabetically


IMPORTANT: Note the plot number beside the name and then check the Burial Plot Records for other internments in that grave.

There are many instances of different surnames in the same burial plot (e.g. married daughters)

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NB The inscription recorded may not be the complete version


Plot Forename(s) Surname Age Date of death Inscription Valerie's notes Memorial
C153 G B unknown unknown     Gritstone Block
F290 Olive Bacon 51 27/06/1979 a dear wife and sister   Marble Open Book
F525 Ronald Bacon 71 14/08/1996   Lived 76 Nottingham Rd Ripley Headstone
F154 Albert Bainbridge unknown unknown In loving memory   Reconstituted Vase
F302 Lily Bainbridge 84 05/11/1980 my dear sister unmarried daughters of Silas & Elizabeth Ann Bainbridge he a Quarryman Granite Headstone
F302 Annie Bainbridge 89 07/08/1992 sister of above   Granite Headstone
C46 Mary Baker 36 29/07/1831 wife of Charles nee Bown Gritstone Headstone
C46 Thomas Baker infant 23/02/1835 son of above   Gritstone Headstone
C46 Charles Baker 90 12/01/1878 husband of Mary   Gritstone Headstone
E234 George S Baker 79 16/09/1945 husband of Sarah Ann   Marble Vase
E234 Sarah Ann Baker 87 09/02/1956 wife of above   Marble Vase
F193 Roger Eric Baldwin 64 25/04/1972 husband of Violet   Marble Headstone
F193 Violet Baldwin 66 14/02/1980 wife of above   Marble Headstone
F223 Edith Ball 86 07/07/1974 wife of Wilfred   Marble Headstone
F223 Wilfred Askew Ball 81 27/03/1977 husband of above   Marble Headstone
F505 Katherine Marie Ball 31 20/07/1994      
F585 Violet Mary Ball 83 16/01/2002     Grey Marble Headstone
E313 George St Leonard Ball 57 12/06/1941 Late of London & Crich &husband of Ethel Ball   Marble Headstone
C16 Sarah Ballington 35 06/07/1822 wife of Samuel nee Shipston and daughter of William & Dorothy Shipston Slate Headstone
C32 Mary Anne Banks 42 15/05/1849 wife of Thomas of Nottingham   Sandstone Tomb
D127 Matthew Bansall Bansall 73 21/08/1861 of Wessington   Limestone Headstone (flat) kerb
D127 Lydia Bansall 75 07/12/1871 of Heage wife of above   Limestone Headstone (flat) kerb
D127 Henry Bansall 36 27/12/1855 of Wessington son of above   Limestone Headstone (flat) kerb
D127 George Bansall 37 23/06/1860 of Wessington brother of Henry   Limestone Headstone (flat) kerb
D106 Mabel Barber 41 02/11/1918 wife of Robert   Reconstructed Headstone
D106 Robert Barber 69 01/03/1946 husband of above   Reconstructed Headstone
E335 Clara Barber 54 26/03/1944 wife of Harry   Marble Headstone
E335 Harry Barber 77 27/12/1967 husband of above   Marble Headstone
E357 Leonard Barber 32 20/12/1929 husband of Jane   Marble Headstone Kerb
F11 Norman Barber 56 10/03/1961 husband of Alice Lived Hillside Fritchley Marble Headstone
F11 Alice Barber 78 17/11/1986 wife of above Lived 10 Church St Fritchley Marble Headstone
F62 M Barber unknown unknown     No Stone
F99 A Barber unknown unknown     No Stone
F99 A Barber unknown unknown     No Stone
F110 Frederick Barber 81 20/01/1967 husband of Bertha   Marble Headstone
F110 Bertha Barber 86 19/10/1973 wife of above Lived Coddington Marble Headstone
F168 Elizabeth Barber 71 17/10/1970 a dear wife and mother   Marble Open Book
F168 William Barber 91 15/08/1987 husband of above Lived 1 Hill Top Fritchley Marble Open Book
F188 F Barber unknown unknown     No Stone
F250 M Barber unknown unknown     No Stone
F548 James Henry Barber 76 17/06/1998      
F587 Kenneth John Barber 50 24/02/2002     Grey Marble Headstone
GR70 Jim Barber 75 09/10/2000     Granite Tablet
A9 Mary Barker 76 22/01/1875 Sister of Benjamin   Limestone Headstone
C80 Ann Barker 67 24/01/1889 born 18/2/1821 late of Cromford   Limestone Headstone
C80 Samuel Barker 38 11/09/1860 born 22/10/1821 husband of above interred Wirksworth Cemetery   Limestone Headstone
E139 Horace Barker 63 12/04/1852 born 10/2/1889 husband of Adelaide   Marble Cross Kerb
E139 Adelaide May Barker 89 20/11/1982 born 29/8/1893 wife of above   Marble Cross Kerb
F141 J Barker unknown unknown     No Stone
A14 Joseph Barlow 73 09/04/1826 of South Wingfield   Sandstone Tomb
A14 Ann Barlow 65 11/08/1826 wife of Joseph   Sandstone Tomb
D26 John Barnes 39 29/04/1807 late of Wingfield Park   Sandstone Headstone
D155 John Barnes 37 20/02/1867 of Marble Works Heage   Limestone Headstone
E94 Frederick Barnes 83 01/07/1930 husband of Jane   Marble Headstone kerb
E94 Jane Barnes 84 11/11/1947 wife of above   Marble Headstone kerb
F103 Arthur Barnsdale 56 09/09/1966 my dear husband   Granite Headstone
F103 Chrissie Barnsdale 82 05/08/1988 wife of above   Granite Headstone
E32 Mahala Barratt 57 20/11/1922     Limestone Vase
E121 Alan Barratt 13 22/09/1959 son of Stanley & Edith Barratt   Granite Headstone Kerb
F3 John James Barratt 64 31/05/1961 husband of Millicent   Marble Headstone
F206 J Barratt unknown unknown     White Pot no name
F255 Maurice Barratt 47 22/11/1976 a beloved husband and father   Marble Open Book
F461 Stanley Barratt 76 03/09/1991     Black Marble Headstone
C6 James Barton 59 19/04/1892 husband of above   Sandstone Tomb
D166 Marion Barton 33 05/10/1914 daughter of William Alfred Barton   Marble Kerb
D166 William Alfred Barton 68 14/12/1925 father of above   Marble Kerb
F485 Gordon Barton 84 04/02/1992     Black Marble Headstone
F417 Henry Basford 71 12/10/1987 husband of Kathleen   White Marble Headstone
F417 Kathleen Emma Basford 80 21/12/1998 wife of above   White Marble Headstone
E93 George William Bates 65 17/03/1960 husband of Doris   Limestone Headstone Kerb
E93 Doris Jane Bates 81 11/03/1976 wife of above   Limestone Headstone Kerb
F562 Ronald John Bates 58 16/07/1999 born 5/3/1941 Lived 22 New Road Crich Headstone
F632 Janice Bates 56 04/05/2006 born 30/3/1950   Black Marble Headstone
F655 William Bates 82 14/07/0200     Wood Cross
F554 Kenneth John Bates 71 11/03/1998      
F401a Revd Canon Gordon Kenneth Bathie 62 09/09/1986 Vicar of Crich 1912-1986  

Grey Stone Headstone; also slate tablet in church

F401a Effie Taylor Bathie 87 01/06/2008 wife of above   Grey Stone Headstone
E63 John Beardow 55 30/05/1890 of Wheatcroft date is buried Marble Kerb
E63 Hannah Beardow 85 21/03/1925 wife of above   Marble Kerb
E286 George Beardow 60 17/04/1945 of Plaistow   Marble Kerb
E289 Samuel Beardow 67 08/10/1945 of Wheatcroft   Limestone Kerb
E286 Gertrude May Beardow 68 11/06/1954 wife of George   Marble Kerb
F23 S B Beardsley unknown unknown     No Stone
D29 Ann Beardsmore 23 09/01/1836 wife of William of Fritchley daughter of John & Elizabeth Smith of Fritchley Gritstone Headstone
GR51 Harry Bedford 84 07/11/1925     Granite Tablet
GR76 Maria Bednall 76 16/04/20032     Granite Tablet
GR77 Vernon Arthur Bednall 78 14/01/2003     Granite Tablet
F338 Derek George Beeson 56 19/09/1984 husband of above Lived 141 Rickneld Rd, Littleover Granite Headstone
F338 Kathleen Sheila Beeson 56 27/08/1982 wife of Derek   Granite Headstone
B51 John Beighton 62 12/09/1842 of Wessington   Gritstone Headstone
B51 Hannah Beighton 47 02/03/1836 wife of above nee Greaves Gritstone Headstone
B51 John Beighton 5 14/08/1839 son of above   Gritstone Headstone
E365 Joseph Beighton 40 01/06/1934 husband of Mary   Granite Headstone kerb
F493 John Joseph Bell unknown 10/10/1993 born 23/9/1923   Grey Marble Headstone
F463 Olive Elizabeth Bendall 70 31/05/1991     White Marble Book
F463 Percy Bendall 71 16/07/2004     White Marble Book
C64 Samuel Bennett 67 24/04/1883   son of William & Mira Gritstone Headstone
D24 Joseph Bennett 05/02/1785   could be Ann not Joseph Gritstone Headstone
E48 Tom Beresford 74 19/03/1958 husband of Phoebe   Marble Headstone Kerb
E48 Phoebe Beresford 68 25/03/1957 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
F436 Blake Beresford 73 24/01/1990 born 13/7/1916 husband of Mary   White Marble Book
F436 Mary Beresford 72 19/07/1991 born 25/11/1919 wife of above   White Marble Book
GR65 Derrick Beresford 75 1924-1999     Granite Tablet
F609 Shaun Derryck Beresford 48 13/06/2003 born 11/12/1954 Angel Man Grey Marble Headstone
F81 Samuel Wragg Berisford 75 28/07/1965 husband of Rosie May Lived Glen Thorn Coast Hill Marble Headstone
F81 Rosie May Berisford 74 03/12/1973 wife of above   Marble Headstone
B37 Hannah Berrisford 51 08/06/1868 wife of George   Slate Headstone
B38 George Berrisford 48 12/11/1858 Husband of Hannah   Sandstone Headstone
B38 Hannah Berrisford 16 08/03/1849 second daughter of George   Sandstone Headstone
B38 Mahala Berrisford 11 15/11/1858 seventh daughter of George   Sandstone Headstone
E267 Leonard Berrisford 62 05/10/1939 at rest   Marble Kerb (broken)
F435 Ronald Berrisford 77 01/04/1990 from Whatstandwell Lived Culland View Crich. (his sister Irene May married Norman Lynam) Grey Marble Headstone
E317 John Belhelvie Berry 46 04/12/1933 born 31/7/1886 of The Orchard Watstandwell late of Derby   Granite Headstone Kerb
E317 Laura Berry 86 12/01/1975 born 5/6/1889 & wife of above   Granite Headstone Kerb
F528 Betty Bertenshaw unknown 12/11/1991 born 13/8/1934    
F528 Robert Bertenshaw unknown 13/10/1996 born 14/2/1929    
B62 Henry Bestwick 82 27/01/1800 of South Wingfield Lodge   Slate Headstone
B62 Ann Bestwick 62 19/11/1786 wife of above   Slate Headstone
B62 Honor Bestwick 28 07/04/1800 daughter of above   Slate Headstone
D5 Hannah Bestwick 53 27/03/1818 wife of Thomas of South Wingfield Park   Sandstone Headstone
E91 Derek Betts 8 20/07/1929 son of Wm & E Betts   Marble Cross Kerb
C109 Dewhurst Bilsborrow 64 29/07/1766 officer of Excise in Derby plus two Daughters of Dewhurst and Ellen who died in Infancy Sandstone Tomb
C109 Ellen Bilsborrow 79 30/04/1783 Mansfield Nott wife of Dewhurst & daughter of George & Ellen Wood   Sandstone Tomb
C109 George Bilsborrow 33 21/11/1780 son of Dewhurst & Ellen   Sandstone Tomb
D243 J Bingham unknown 14/11/1918 Driver in Royal Engineers WR313269   Gritstone Headstone
GR42 Una B Birch 71 17/06/1994     Granite Tablet
F621 Iris Black 75 09/04/2004     Wooden Cross
F621 Dennis William Black 74 15/11/2004 husband of above   Wooden Cross
GR9 George Black 78 19/12/1985 a dear husband and dad   Granite Tablet
GR9 Violet Black 85 24/11/1996 wife of above   Granite Tablet
F73 Frank Blackham 87 18/01/1965 husband of Emma   Granite Headstone
F73 Emma Blackham 87 18/04/1965 wife of above   Granite Headstone
C162 John Blakey Blakey 7yr11mth 23/02/1873 son of John & Susannah of Chapel House Lea Miers on PR Limestone Headstone
C162 Mary Ann Blakey 85 14/05/1882 Grandmother of above born Halifax Yks Limestone Headstone
F639 Julie Christine Bland 42 22/12/2006   nee Petts Black Marble Headstone
E4 Bessie Blaymire 39 20/05/1943 wife of John Herbert   Limestone Vase
E4 John Herbert Blaymire 49 10/05/1957 husband of above   Limestone Vase
E116 Libby Blount 61 23/01/1954 wife of Herbert   Marble Headstone
E116 Herbert Blount 86 19/06/1976 husband of above   Marble Headstone
E295 Ernest Blake Blount 66 27/05/1937 husband of Annabella   Granite Headstone Kerb
E295 Annabella Fowler Blount 81 01/07/1960 wife of above   Granite Headstone Kerb
C30 Francis Blunstone 59 30/06/1877 of Longway Bank Alderwasley   Limestone Headstone
C30 Sarah Blunstone 78 25/01/1900 of Chesterfield wife of above   Limestone Headstone
C25 Jane Boag 63 15/07/1887 wife of Robert of Crich Common   Marble Headstone (Flat)
C25 Robert Boag 87 20/07/1904 husband of Jane a lime burner & in James Jeffries will of 1875 Marble Headstone (Flat)
D40 Mary Boag 79 22/03/1924 born 9/4/1844 daughter of above & wife of Henry Basil Boag   Limestone Coped
D40 Henry Basil Boag 76 18/05/1930 born 23/9/1853 husband of Mary   Limestone Coped
D41 Henrietta Boag 84 27/01/1936     Granite Headstone kerb
E68 Willis Boag 73 30/08/1936 unfading memory undying love   Granite Headstone Kerb
F8 Ellen Bolton 68 09/12/1961 a dear wife and mother   Marble Headstone
C131 Luke Bond 68 27/08/1826 of Cliff Wood   Gritstone Headstone
F258 S Bond unknown unknown     No Stone
F29 G Booker unknown unknown   Not on gravestone  
E311 Selina Boot 74 19/02/1958 wife of Dennis   Marble Headstone
E311 Dennis Boot 78 31/07/1959 husband of above   Marble Headstone
D254 Lawrence Booth 60 22/11/1921 husband of Clara Emma   Marble Shield Kerb
D254 Clara Ann Booth 85 04/12/1946 wife of above   Marble Shield Kerb
E9 Charles Henry Booth 67 08/10/1939 husband of Catherine   Limestone Kerb Vase
E9 Catherine Booth 85 14/02/1956 wife of above   Limestone Kerb Vase
E124 Florence Booth 65 21/12/1959 a dear wife& to a dear Mother   Reconstituted Kerb
E225 Elizabeth Booth 70 08/10/1947 in loving memory   Limestone Vase
F97 Cyril Edward Booth 66 04/01/1966 husband of Anne Ethel   Granite Headstone
F97 Anne Ethel Booth 77 07/04/1977 wife of above   Granite Headstone
F205 Peter Edward Booth 13 28/05/1973     Headstone
F467 John Wilfred Booth 68 22/10/1991   Lived 17 Chatsworth Ave Crich Black Marble Headstone
GR28 Joy Booth unknown 03/01/1992 wife of Ivor   Granite Tablet
GR28 Ivor Booth unknown 14/12/2001 husband of Joy   Granite Tablet
F468 Helen Boswell 51 20/11/1991     Grey Marble Headstone
D196 Helena Bower 74 18/04/1903 wife of Samuel of Derby nee Witham Marble Headstone
E44 Oswald Bower 64 03/11/1959 to a dear husband and father   Granite Headstone Kerb
E128 Samuel Bower 85 19/09/1935 of Grove House husband of Elizabeth   Granite Celtic Cross Kerb
E128 Elizabeth Bower 89 06/09/1939 wife of above   Granite Celtic Cross Kerb
F527 Lydia Louise Bowker 66 10/09/1996      
F527 John Bowker 80 12/05/1999 husband of the above    
E14 Alice Muriel Bowlzer 56 08/06/1959 wife of John   Reconstituted Kerb
E14 John Bowlzer 66 18/02/1965 husband of above   Reconstituted Kerb
A10 Mary Ann Bowmer 72 05/10/1936 wife of John nee Hartshorne Granite Headstone
A10 John Bowmer 88 27/01/1952 husband of Mary Ann   Granite Headstone
A10 Alfred Bowmer 86 09/12/1972 son of John   Granite Headstone
A10 Elsie Bowmer 93 04/10/1983 wife of Alfred nee Gaunt Granite Headstone
A11 Vernon Bowmer 24 09/10/1919   WW1: MC medal, Crich Roll of Honour. Husband of Dorothy Phillipa Perrett Granite Headstone
A11 John James Bowmer 79 20/01/1973 husband of Hannah brother of Vernon Granite Headstone
A11 Hannah Bowmer 85 03/06/1981 wife of John James second wife Granite Headstone
B42 George Bowmer 26 15/07/1857 of Crich Carr they are brothers Limestone Headstone
B42 James Bowmer 26 18/03/1863 of Crich Carr they are brothers Limestone Headstone
C1 John Lynam Bowmer 66 27/03/1866 of Common late of Barn Close   2 Sandstone Coped on base
C1 Hannah Bowmer 65 10/03/1873 of Common unmarried sister of John Lynam 2 Sandstone Coped on base
C1 Thomas Bowmer 67 05/05/1882 Late of Fritchley, brother of above born 18/6/1814 to Thomas & Sarah he was husband of Mary Ann (nee Poyser) 2 Sandstone Coped on base
C2 Thomas Bowmer 26 12/06/1825 of Fritchley son of Benjamin & Phebe   Sandstone Tomb
C2 Phebe Bowmer 58 15/10/1828 wife of Benjamin nee Alton Sandstone Tomb
C2 Benjamin Bowmer 78 16/02/1837 husband of Phebe   Sandstone Tomb
C2 Isaac Bowmer 31 28/02/1822 son of Benjamin & Phebe   Sandstone Tomb
C2 Benjamin Bowmer 35 04/02/1839 son of Benjamin & Phebe wife is Mary (nee Argyle) Sandstone Tomb
C2 John Bowmer 32 03/06/1843 son of Benjamin & Phebe   Sandstone Tomb
C3 Isaac Bowmer 43 08/11/1875 Late of Heage son of Benjamin & Mary of the Yews Crich Isaac's wife was Ann (nee Smith) who married again to John Saxton Limestone Cope
C3 Mary Bowmer 54 19/01/1867 of Ridgeway House Heage, mother of above nee Argyle Limestone Cope
E85 Mary Bowmer 57 04/07/1930   could be wife of Samuel Marble Urn
E102 Sarah Bowmer 90 30/03/1947 born 2/9/1858 died Wingfield Park Hall unmarried daughter of Thomas & Mary (nee Poyser) Limestone Kerb
E166 John James Bowmer 62 14/03/1960 husband of above father John was a sub postmaster in 1901 mother is Annie Rebecca (nee Wass) Granite Headstone Kerb
E256 Marion Bowmer 52 13/03/1947   firstt wife of John James Bowmer b1894 Marble Kerb
E263 John Bowmer 76 27/02/1944 husband of Annie Rebecca John was Sub Postmaster in 1901 is son of John b1840 & Sarah Hannah Marble Headstone Kerb
E310 John Bowmer 93 17/04/1956 husband of Ann Margaret   Marble Kerb
E310 Ann Margaret Bowmer 84 20/06/1946 wife of above of Lawn Farm Fritchley nee Fletcher Marble Kerb
E390 Mary Ann Bowmer 96 17/12/1925 wife of Thomas Bowmer a Miller nee Poyser Marble Kerb
F7 Thomas Bowmer 75 14/02/1962 of Mill Farm Fritchley   Marble Headstone
F7 Elizabeth Bowmer 77 09/08/1961 & wife of above nee Clarke Marble Headstone
F15 John Bowmer 72 24/12/1961 husband of Mary Ann of Wingfield Park Hall Marble Headstone
F15 Mary Ann Bowmer 88 07/09/1983 wife of above neeTomkins died Mill Farm Marble Headstone
F79 Mary Jane Bowmer 82 26/04/1965 our dear mother   Marble Headstone
F160 Amy Bowmer 80 18/11/1978 wife of above   Marble Headstone
F322 William Bowmer 76 17/07/1981 of Whatstandwell a loving husband Lived 1 Main Road Whatstandwell Granite Headstone
F526 Pat Bowmer 89 22/08/1996 of Whatstandwell wife of William & mother of Graham see husband's grave F322  
C157 Charlotte Gertrude Bowmer 21 22/11/1892 wife of John Bowmer Jnr of Whatstandwell Marble Headstone Kerb
D17 Florence May Bowmer 5 10/03/1914     Small Marble Headstone
E263 Annie Rebecca Bowmer 77 04/05/1949 wife of above nee Wass Marble Headstone Kerb
E388 Thomas Bowmer 66 01/03/1923 of Mill Farm & husband of Hannah Elizabeth   Marble Kerb
E388 Hannah Elizabeth Bowmer 81 22/04/1943 wife of above of Mill Farm Fritchley nee Fritchley Marble Kerb
F127 Ellen Mary Bowmer 64 07/12/1968 born 20/5/1904 A Dear Wife   Gritstone Open Book
F160 William Ernest Bowmer 74 01/04/1970 husband of Amy he is son of John b 1866 a Sub Post Master & Annie Rebecca nee Wass Marble Headstone
F469 Catherine Mary Bowmer 82 29/11/1991   nee Danby Black Marble Headstone
F469 Alan Bowmer 81 06/09/1996 Husband of the above   Black Marble Headstone
F481 Janet Mary Bowmer 69 1923-1992   nee Toplis White Marble Headstone
F481 Alban Bowmer 72 1907-1979 Husband of the above   White Marble Headstone
F482 Thomas Bowmer 72 31/10/1992 of Fritchley   Grey Marble Headstone
F482 Eleanor Bowmer Bowmer 86 09/01/2001 wife of above nee Burdekin Grey Marble Headstone
F643 Jean Bowmer 65 21/07/2007 born 31/12/1941   Grey Marble Headstone
E166 Mary Evelyn Bowmer 53 09/06/1951 wife of John James Bowmer   Granite Headstone Kerb
E82 Joseph Bowmer 89 25/02/1955 of Wingfield Park Hall unmarried son Thomas & Mary Ann (nee Poyser) Marble Kerb
C47 Ann Bown 39 25/01/1835 of Bullbridge wife of John   Limestone Headstone
C47 John Bown 4yr7mth 17/06/1840 son John and second wife Sarah   Limestone Headstone
C47 John Bown 73 11/11/1860 husband of Ann & Sarah   Limestone Headstone
C147 Henry Bown 57 19/02/1867     Limestone Coped
D72 Susannah Bown 52 10/11/1913 wife of William   Marble Headstone
D72 William Bown 67 27/09/1927 husband of above   Marble Headstone
E7 Sarah Hannah Bown 67 20/07/1936 wife of William J of Hill Crest Fritchley   Marble Headstone Kerb
E57 Mary Hilda Bown 53 25/10/1955 wife of Samuel   Granite Headstone Kerb
E57 Samuel Bown 62 05/10/1959 husband of above   Granite Headstone Kerb
E80 Pamela Bown 78 25/06/1955 in loving memory   Marble Kerb Cross
E389 Stanley Bown 33 13/06/1923 husband of Ellen   Marble Open Book Kerb
F391 Kenneth Bown 61 15/01/1986 a devoted brother & uncle Lived 24 The Tors Crich Granite Headstone
GR8 Gladys Bown 72 14/02/1986 in loving memory   Granite Tablet
GR8 William (Bill) Bown 78 25/10/1997 Husband of above   Granite Tablet
E389 Ellen Bown 98 02/11/1983 wife of above L.R.A.M. Marble Open Book Kerb
E369 John William Bradford 67 06/08/1923 husband of Matilda   Marble Kerb
E369 Matilda Bradford 79 10/04/1938 wife of above   Marble Kerb
D45 George Bradley 72 16/05/1870 of Crich Chase   Limestone Ledger
D234 Matilda E Bradley 34 04/08/1922     Marble Block Kerb
D246 Sarah Ann Bradley 56 09/11/1920 wife of William   Marble Headstone Kerb
D246 William Bradley 64 11/05/1932 husband of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
E71 Tony Bradley 8mth 18/04/1947 Treasured Memories   Small Marble Open Book
E212 Elizabeth Bradley 82 25/01/1941 wife of Alexander   Limestone Kerb
E212 Alexander Bradley 84 12/02/1952 husband of above   Limestone Kerb
F278 Enid Bradley 75 18/10/1978 wife of Walter   Marble Open Book
F278 Walter Bradley 79 12/12/1982 husband of above   Marble Open Book
F496 John William Bradley 83 30/11/1993     Grey Marble Headstone
F496 Tony Bradley 8mths 18/04/1947 son of the above   Grey Marble Headstone
F496 Lily Bradley 90 17/06/2002     Grey Marble Headstone
E161 John Bradshaw 81 20/02/1950 our brother late of West Australia. From sister & brother in law Margaret & Charles Greenhough   Marble Kerb
F65 Laurence Braithwaite 65 04/06/1964 at rest Lived 3 The Common Crich Granite Headstone
D124 Joseph Baggaley Bramall 44 01/08/1918     Marble Cross Kerb
F171 S Bramhald unknown unknown     No Stone
E226 Nellie Bramley 62 08/09/1947 wife of Ernest   Marble Kerb
E382 John Bramley 85 12/12/1925 son of George & Theodocia & husband of Mary nee Hunt Marble Kerb
E382 Mary Bramley 85 16/01/1928 wife of above nee Hickinbottom Marble Kerb
E226 Thomas Ernest Bramley 67 22/06/1952 husband of above   Marble Kerb
GR44 Clara Bratley 86 21/11/1994     Granite Tablet
F604 Diarmuid Cormal Breathnack 68 18/03/2003 born 10/5/1935   Black Marble Headstone
F597 Desmond Roy Brewell 68 23/09/2002     Black Marble Headstone
F478 Roy Brewer 66 16/04/1992     Black Marble Headstone
F478 Bessie Brewer 71 04/12/1998 wife of the above   Black Marble Headstone
D162 Samuel Bridden 80 21/08/1909 husband of Thirza   Marble Headstone Kerb
D162 Thirza Bridden 84 10/09/1923 wife of above nèe Topham (m. 1867) Marble Headstone Kerb
F318 Audrey Briddon unknown 25/10/1981 loved as a mother and wife Lived 54b Norman Rd Ripley Granite Headstone
F69 William Briggs unknown unknown   Under manager wire works No Stone
F69 Eva Briggs   1965/66   Info from Tony Vardy  
GR80 John Briggs 60 26/12/2002 born 24/12/1942   Granite Tablet
GR21 Councillor Jim Briggs 79 1911-1990 husband of Madge MBE Granite Tablet
GR21 Madge Briggs 84 1911-1995 wife of Jim   Granite Tablet
E246 George Aaron Broad 29 30/12/1930 in loving memory   Limestone Open Book
D250 Mary Ann Brocklehurst 64 02/08/1921 wife of Henry   Slate Headstone Kerb
F245 Thomas Atkins Brooks 67 18/11/1975 born 22/6/1908 a dear husband and father Lived The Nook Bobbin Mill Hill Fritchley Granite Open Book
F245 Harriet Brooks 79 07/10/1989 wife of above Lived Brunswood House Matlock Granite Open Book
F336 Edward Broughton 63 05/01/2002 husband of above   Marble Headstone
F368 Edward Broughton 63 05/01/2002 buried with wife   White Marble Headstone
F336 Dorothy Carol Broughton 38 28/06/1982 a beloved wife and mother   Marble Headstone
F368 Dorothy Carol Broughton 38 28/06/1982 with husband   White Marble Headstone
D84 Elizabeth Brown 53 12/03/1912 wife of George   Marble Open Book
D84 George Brown 80 19/09/1936 husband of above Bell ringer of this church for 40 years   Marble Open Book
E117 Jack Brown 39 unknown in memory   Reconstituted Vase
E152 Elizabeth Brown 76 14/10/1960 loving memory of our dear sister   Marble Headstone Kerb
E153 George Brown 70 05/10/1959 in loving memory of my dear husband   Marble Headstone Kerb
E292 Ellen Brown 88 21/11/1960 RIP   Marble Vase
E298 Harriet Brown 71 26/09/1935 wife of William   Granite Headstone Kerb
E298 William Brown 86 18/02/1936 husband of above   Granite Headstone Kerb
E321 Leonard Brown 36 09/01/1925 born 24/9/1888 of Bolehill   Marble Cross Kerb
E321 Eliza Brown 67 19/01/1954 wife of above   Marble Cross Kerb
E334 Chris Brown 71 17/05/1943 in memory   Granite Vase
F46 Charles Brown unknown 07/08/1963      
F46 Dorothy Brown unknown 26/04/1984      
F54 William Brown 65 29/08/1963 at rest Lived Long Way Bank Marble Headstone
F74 William Brown 74 21/02/1965 a dear father   Marble Headstone
F210 Lucy Mary Brown 71 10/02/1973 wife of John   Granite Headstone
F210 John Brown 87 12/03/1979 husband of above   Granite Headstone
F248 John Brown 78 29/03/1976 a dear father & brother Lived The Green Fritchley Marble Headstone
F337 Harriet Annie Brown 82 27/07/1982 in loving memory   Granite Headstone
F351 Florence Brown 88 07/07/1983 in loving memory   Reconstituted Vase
F429 George William Brown 69 1920-1989     Grey Marble Headstone
F462 Thomas Brown 85 27/05/1991 born 31/5/1906   Black Marble Headstone
F500 Frederick Brown 69 17/02/1994      
F500 Betty Brown 69 20/05/1998 wife of the above    
F568 Gordon Brown 72 31/12/1999      
F600 Edna Brown 81 11/10/2002 of Plaistow Green   Grey Marble Headstone
F626 Frank Brown 77 29/07/2005     Grey Marble Headstone
GR14 Frederick Brown 58 25/09/1986     Granite Tablet
F582 William Abraham Brown 82 24/12/2001     Red Marble Headstone
D93 William Brocklehurst Brown 4yr 5mth 19/06/1870 son of Thomas & Elizabeth of Wheatcroft Gritstone Headstone (Flat)
F186 M Brown unknown 01/01/1972     No Stone
F426 Elizabeth Mary Brown 70 23/03/1989 wife of late Henry Brown   Black Marble Headstone
F647 John Brown 79 08/02/2008     Wooden Cross
C48 Francis Brumell 9mth 28/03/1816 of Ripley son of Thomas Francis & Elizabeth   Gritstone Headstone
C48 Edward Brumell 5mth 18/06/1821 of Chesterfield son of Thomas Francis & Elizabeth   Gritstone Headstone
D207 Charlotte Brumwell 81 24/06/1961 wife of Walter   Marble Headstone Kerb
D207 Walter Royston Brumwell 83 30/07/1960 husband of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
D245 Lizzie Brumwell 53 13/09/1920 born 13/9/1867 wife of George Anthony   Marble Scroll Kerb
D244 George Herbert Brumwell 78 31/07/1919 husband of Jane   Granite Headstone
D244 Jane Brumwell 83 27/02/1931 wife of above   Granite Headstone
F311 Francis Herbert Royston Brumwell 62 12/10/1980 a dear husband   Granite Headstone
F619 E Brunt unknown unknown     No Headstone new grave
E223 Hannah Bryan 82 08/04/1946 in memory   Limestone Vase
E387 Francis Wm Bryan-Peach 52 02/06/1923 husband of Edith   Limestone Headstone Kerb
E387 Edith Bryan-Peach 77 06/10/1972 born 10/2/1895 & wife of above   Limestone Headstone Kerb
F297 John Henry Bryan-Peach 64 03/11/1980 a dear brother and uncle   Granite Headstone
A30 Hannah Buckley 88 21/04/1828 Ann's mother   Gritstone Headstone
A32 William Buckley 53 24/10/1844 Whatstandwell Bridge   Slate Headstone
A32 Mary Ann Buckley 78 06/01/1879 of Chesterfield his wife   Slate Headstone
A46 Ann Buckley 80 16/07/1894 interred at Middleton Wirksworth wife of William & daughter of George and Phebe   Marble Ledger
B17 Martha Buckley 63 10/04/1812 wife of John of Holloway nee Amatt Gritstone Headstone
D230 Anthony Buckley 73 02/02/1919 husband of Annie   Marble Headstone Kerb
D230 Annie Buckley 79 27/12/1929 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
F18 Joseph Buckley 82 25/02/1962 in loving memory Lived 31 Newbridge Rd Ambergate Granite Headstone
F354 Vera Eleanor Bull 66 15/08/1983 a dear wife and mother Lived Melkridge House, Dimple Lane Crich Granite Headstone
A23 Martha Bullock 28 02/04/1836 daughter John & Ann Johnson and three daughters who died in infancy Sandstone Ledger
E115 Elizabeth Bunting 61 01/11/1954 wife of Oswald   Marble Headstone Kerb
E296 T W Bunting unknown 19/03/1936     Marble Urn
F425 Leslie Bunting 71 02/07/1989     Black Marble Headstone
F544 Anthony Nigel Bunting 33 19/03/1998      
D183 John Burley 76 26/06/1902 born 25/9/1825 of Whatstandwell died at Hasland Limestone Headstone
D183 Matilda Burley 87 10/01/1917 wife of above   Limestone Headstone
F307 Alfred Leonard Burrows 72 17/09/1980 a dear husband   Granite Headstone
F307 Emily Burrows 85 17/10/1992 wife of above   Granite Headstone
D37 Emily Burton 82 27/07/1916 Grand daughter of above   Marble Headstone
F64 Richard Butler 80 1899-1979     Gritstone Headstone
F64 Michael Butler 32 1932-1964   probably son of above Gritstone Headstone
A22 Nathaniel Buxton 58 09/05/1837 of Holloway   Gritstone Headstone
C94 Henry Buxton 74 05/03/1848 late of Crich Carr   Slate Headstone
C94 Ann Buxton 76 18/10/1858 wife of above nee Nanny Wheatcroft Slate Headstone
C94 Francis Henry Buxton 23 17/05/1847 son of above   Slate Headstone
E391 Benjamin Buxton 59 31/01/1926 in loving memory   Marble Vase
E24 Samuel Byan Peach unknown 27/04/1957 of Wessington husband of Kate   Marble Headstone Kerb
E24 Kate Elizabeth Byan Peach 91 18/03/1973 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
F10 Gervase Byard 39 18/10/1961 a dear husband and father Lived 1 Coasthill Marble Headstone
E5 Walter Byard   23/10/1935     Marble Vase
E15 Harry Byard 58 04/07/1959 husband of Annie   Granite Headstone Kerb
E15 Annie Elizabeth Byard 73 15/02/1980 wife of above   Granite Headstone Kerb
E16 Albert Byard 64 22/03/1959 husband of Violet   Granite Headstone Kerb
E16 Violet Ellen Byard 80 20/08/1974 wife of above   Granite Headstone Kerb
F261 Jervis Byard 78 15/06/1977 in memory   Marble Vase
F408 Terence Byard 58 02/05/1987     White Marble Headstone
F517 Harold Byard 83 23/11/1995      
GR84 Frank Byard 72 19/05/2003 born 23/12/1931   Granite Tablet
F601 Jervis Willoughby Byard 74 22/12/2002     Grey Marble Headstone


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