which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Burials – Alphabetically

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IMPORTANT: Note the plot number beside the name and then check the Burial Plot Records for other internments in that grave.

There are many instances of different surnames in the same burial plot (e.g. married daughters)

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NB The inscription recorded may not be the complete version


Plot Forename(s) Surname Age Date of death Inscription Valerie's notes Memorial
GR19 Rutherford Grantham Ikin 86 1903-1989 husband of Elizabeth   Granite Tablet
GR19 Elizabeth Mary Ikin 90 1913-2003 wife of Rutherford   Granite Tablet
F357 Annie Elizabeth Ingram 77 11/12/1983 buried with husband   Grey Marble HS
F357 Leonard Ingram 85 04/01/1991 husband of above Lived 2 Chapel St, Fritchley Grey Marble HS
C24 Arthur Crewe Insley 30 16/02/1868 of Newhall a Sergeant of Police   Slate Headstone (Flat)
F379 James Irving 64 03/10/1985 a loving husband and father   Granite Headstone
F379 James Irving 64 03/10/1985 a loving husband and father   Granite Headstone
F498 Gordon Robert Charles Isaacs 70 01/01/1994      
D211 Robert Izant 59 07/04/1860   from Lenton & Lived Crich Carr Limestone Headstone
C28 Mary Ann Jackson 64 23/02/1888 wife of Thomas   Limestone Headstone (Flat)
C28 Thomas Jackson 81 04/08/1895 husband of above   Limestone Headstone (Flat)
C137 Isaac Jackson 70 25/06/1869 of Crich   Slate Headstone
C137 Sarah Jackson 91 28/11/1880 wife of above nee Nightingale Slate Headstone
E198 Herbert Jackson 60 06/09/1949 husband of Sarah   Marble Headstone Kerb
E265 John Jackson 64 17/07/1918 interred at Carvagh Co Derry   Marble Headstone Kerb
E265 Ellen Jackson 76 13/05/1941 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
E265 Annie Vera Jackson 58 06/02/1951 daughter of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
E381 Elizabeth Jackson 74 15/05/1926   could be nee Bramley Marble Headstone (broken)
F187 Lucy Jackson 81 02/04/1976 wife of above   Granite Headstone
E8 Wilfred Jackson 3 12/03/1946 son of Herbert & Elizabeth   Marble Headstone Kerb
E8 Herbert Leslie Jackson 18 12/04/1936 son of Herbert & Elizabeth   Marble Headstone Kerb
E198 Sarah Elizabeth Jackson 67 04/06/1957 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
F187 Herbert Leslie Jackson 70 02/06/1972 husband of Lucy   Granite Headstone
F358 Georgina James 75 02/04/1984 a dear wife and mother   Granite Headstone
F358 Albert James 85 29/08/1990 husband of above   Granite Headstone
C13 James Jeffries 63 09/12/1875 of Crich he left a will naming many Crich people Sandstone Coped
E280 Joseph Jenkinson 93 23/08/1932 husband of Ann   Marble Kerb
E280 Ann Jenkinson 82 03/01/1933 wife of above   Marble Kerb
C60 William Jerom 44 14/01/1782 Late of Wakebridge   Slate Headstone
C60 Mary Jerom 8 08/04/1786 daughter of William & Sarah   Slate Headstone
C60 Maria Jerom 5 27/04/1786 daughter of William & Sarah   Slate Headstone
B35 Ann Jessop 21 07/06/1833 daughter of James & Ann Wightman   3 Slate insets in Wall
D147 Michael Jessop 64 26/06/1873 born April 1809 Solicitor   Limestone Coped
D147 Mary Radford Richardson Jessop 82 17/07/1875 born July 1793   Limestone Coped
A23 Kezia Johnson 17 20/09/1827 daughter John & Ann Crich Carr   Sandstone Ledger
A23 Joseph Johnson 23 25/02/1838 of Crich Carr   Sandstone Ledger
B34 Elizabeth Johnson 13 29/11/1819 of Edge Moore daughter of Richard & Betty   Gritstone Headstone
C99 Ann Johnson 43 13/12/1869 of Whatstandwell wife of Samuel nee Prince Limestone Headstone
F304 Polly Johnson 81 20/04/1980 wife of Arthur   Granite Headstone
F304 Arthur Johnson 92 17/10/1987 husband of above   Granite Headstone
C65 William Jones 83 01/11/1882 born 30/5/1805 of Fritchley   Limestone Headstone
C65 Elizabeth Jones 76 19/07/1884 born 12/5/1808 wife of above nee Cowlishaw Limestone Headstone
D22 Robert Jones 46 08/11/1848 of Crich Cliff Native of Flint in North Wales   Gritstone Headstone
F388 Ida Mary Jones 56 07/05/1985 a loved wife and mother   Granite Headstone
F536 Elsie Jones 101 1896-1997      
F599 Daniel Robert Jones 19 09/07/2002 born 14/8/1983   Grey Marble Headstone
D120 Herbert Rivensdale Mansel Jones 70 02/02/1907 born 27/3/1836 Judge of County Court of Sheffield Limestone Cross Kerb
F547 Albert Herbert Jordan 74 18/03/1998      
F549 Amanda Jane Jordan 18 27/06/1998 born 15/11/1979    
E119 William F Joyner 77 09/12/1954 husband of Bertha   Marble Kerb Vase
E119 Bertha Joyner 89 17/12/1969 wife of above   Marble Kerb Vase
F487 Bernard Stanley Northridge Julian unknown 03/08/1993     Grey Marble Headstone
F487 Vera Julian 96 28/07/2007   Lived 13 Laund Close Belper Grey Marble Headstone
GR67 Flora Kelk 55 03/11/2000 born 16/1/1945   Granite Tablet
B22 George Key 71 11/04/1897 of Ridgeway   Marble Kerb double grave
B22 Polexener Key 71 01/03/1905 wife of above   Marble Kerb double grave
B27 George Key 71 08/08/1870 of Ridgeway Heage a boatman on marriage Sandstone & Granite Tomb
B27 Mary Key 72 17/08/1875 wife of George Key nee Alsop Sandstone & Granite Tomb
E122 James Key unknown unknown in memory   Marble Urn
E375 Sarah Key 58 13/11/1927 wife of George   Marble Headstone
E375 George Key 83 12/08/1953 husband of above   Marble Headstone
F475 Ernest Key 82 03/03/1992     Black Marble Headstone
F294 Sqdn Ldr Alan Kidd 50 12/02/1979 Sorrow is not forever MBE Granite Open Book
A42 Rebecca Kirk 29 21/01/1813 wife of Thomas of Crich Carr nee Allsop Gritstone Headstone
A42 Hannah Kirk 27 08/02/1837 daughter of above   Gritstone Headstone
C43 Sarah Maria Kirk 62 11/05/1891 wife of William   Limestone Coped
E220 Francis Kirk unknown unknown     Small Gritstone H/Stone
E220 Mary Kirk unknown unknown     Small Gritstone H/Stone
F445 W Kirk unknown unknown     White Pot with no name
F72 S Kirkland unknown unknown     No Stone
F78 W Kirkland unknown unknown     No Stone
F78 S Kirkland unknown unknown     No Stone
F329 Walter Kneebone 75 29/05/1982 a beloved husband   Marble Headstone
D252 Thomas Kneebone 57 21/04/1921 husband of Elizabeth   Granite Headstone Kerb
D252 Elizabeth Kneebone 69 17/04/1936 wife of above   Granite Headstone Kerb
E42 Ann Ellen Kneebone 61 29/10/1941 wife of George   Marble Kerb
E42 George Kneebone 76 29/03/1957 husband of above   Marble Kerb
E114 Jane Kneebone 50 13/03/1955 wife of above   Granite Headstone Kerb
E346 John Kneebone 66 18/06/1926 husband of Emily   Marble Kerb
E346 Emily Kneebone 83 15/01/1947 wife of above   Marble Kerb
E384 Philip Kneebone 86 26/03/1920 husband of Sarah Rebecca   Marble Headstone Kerb
F441 William Kneebone 81 27/06/1990     Black Marble Headstone
F441 Beatrice Olive Kneebone 80 04/04/2000 wife of above    
GR55 Victor Kneebone 77 23/11/1996     Granite Tablet
E114 Samuel George Kneebone 51 28/11/1953 husband of Jane   Granite Headstone Kerb
E384 Sarah Rebecca Kneebone 70 15/12/1924 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
B3 Harry Knowles 77 18/04/1982     Granite Tablet
C121 Ann Knowles 76 14/03/1944 wife of Thomas   Reconstituted Vase
C121 Thomas Knowles 77 31/05/1945 husband of above   Reconstituted Vase
E293 Louisa Knowles 30 20/11/1938     Granite Kerb
F489 Emily Knowles 75 05/06/1993     Black Marble Headstone
F489 Leslie Knowles 82 05/07/2000 husband of above   Black Marble Headstone



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