which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Burials – Alphabetically


IMPORTANT: Note the plot number beside the name and then check the Burial Plot Records for other internments in that grave.

There are many instances of different surnames in the same burial plot (e.g. married daughters)

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NB The inscription recorded may not be the complete version


Plot Forename(s) Surname Age Date of death Inscription Valerie's notes Memorial
E396 Julia Mander 78 05/01/1936 wife of Thomas   Granite Headstone Kerb
E396 Thomas Mander 74 23/10/1936 husband of above   Granite Headstone Kerb
F566 Norman Marchant 83 1916-1999      
F566 Enid Elizabeth Marchant 87 1914-2001 wife of the above nee Joiner  
F633 Nellie Margereson 92 06/06/2006     Black Marble Headstone
F87 Florence Margereson 95 24/02/1988   could be wife of Herbert who married again Lived 4 Woodland View Whatstandwell Marble Headstone
D7 Ann Marriott 3-14days 10/12/1827 daughter of Rhodes & Maria   Gritstone Headstone
D7 John Marriott 2-3mth 21/08/1829 son of Rhodes & Maria of Crich Common   Gritstone Headstone
F352 Gladys Marsh 73 17/06/1983 in loving memory   Granite Headstone
B46 Hannah Marshall 44 20/06/1796 wife of Thomas of Holloway   Gritstone Headstone
B57 Thomas Clay Marshall 51 06/09/1897 of Plaistow Green Crich   Marble Headstone & Kerb
B57 Margaret Marshall 83 13/01/1931 wife of above   Marble Headstone & Kerb
B58 David Marshall 62 07/03/1869 of Plaistow Green Crich   Gritstone Headstone
B58 Sarah Marshall 88 02/08/1899 b11/1/1811 daughter of Francis Clay &wife of David Marshall   Gritstone Headstone
C56 Robert Clay Marshall 87 03/11/1962 husband of above   Marble Headstone kerb
C122 Humphrey Marshall 53 19/04/1840 of Crich   Gritstone Headstone
C122 Alice Marshall 65 13/06/1844 wife of above nee Brown Gritstone Headstone
C123 George Marshall 53 09/09/1832 of Crich huband of Mary   Gritstone Headstone
C124 Mary Marshall 31 10/12/1816 wife of George   Gritstone Headstone
C125 Mary Marshall 50 13/04/1804 wife of George nee Leadbetter Gritstone Headstone
D37 William Marshall 82 28/06/1856 of Plaistow Green husband of Sarah   Marble Headstone
D37 Sarah Marshall 59 21/06/1847 wife of above   Marble Headstone
E213 Catherine Marshall 53 18/02/1940 born 18/2/1887 wife of Arthur   Marble Headstone
E327 Francis Clay Marshall 78 15/01/1930 husband of Ellen   Marble Headstone Kerb
E327 Ellen Marshall 89 27/10/1944 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
C56 Hannah Maria Marshall 71 16/10/1946 wife of Robert Clay Marshall   Marble Headstone kerb
D37 Frederick S Marshall 29 02/05/1917 Grand son of William & Sarah   Marble Headstone
E213 Arthur Herbert Marshall 71 12/09/1970 born 16/3/1879 of Church Farm Plaistow Green   Marble Headstone
E349 Frank William Marshall 51 24/11/1927 of Woolley husband of Martha   Marble Headstone Kerb
E349 Martha Elizabeth Marshall 61 27/06/1936 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
B50 Hannah Martin 58 25/01/1927     Limestone Headstone & Kerb
D188 William Martin 66 26/05/1917 husband of Mary Ann   Limestone Vase
D188 Mary Ann Martin 89 07/11/1940 wife of above   Limestone Vase
E81 Edward Martin 65 06/06/1955 in loving memory   Reconstituted Kerb
E123 Esther Jane Martin 80 18/01/1938 born 12/4/1857 wife of above   Granite Celtic Cross Kerb
E207 Mary Ann Martin 75 14/10/1942 wife of Fred   Limestone Kerb
E207 Fred Martin 85 21/10/1947 husband of above   Limestone Kerb
F85 H Martin unknown unknown     No Stone
F85 A Martin unknown unknown     No Stone
F86 Herbert Wilfred Martin 71 14/11/1965 born 18/1/1894 & husband of Alice   Marble Headstone
F86 Alice Martin 72 11/08/1967 born 30/12/1894 & wife of above Lived 23 New Rd Marble Headstone
F145 J Martin unknown unknown     No Stone
F169 Ernest T Martin 69 26/10/1970 a dear husband and father   Marble Open Book
F169 Barbara Martin Martin 82 31/03/1990 wife of above   Marble Open Book
F181 Dennis Martin 63 22/09/1971 a dear husband   Granite Headstone
F181 Gladys Neta Martin 85 23/02/1998 wife of above   Granite Headstone
F269 Ronald Allan Martin 51 21/12/1977 in loving memory   Marble Headstone
F362 Lucy Ruth Martin unknown unknown     Stone Pot
F364 Leslie Clarke Martin 60 17/06/1984 a dear husband and father   Granite Headstone
F413 Mary Ellen Martin 72 unknown   must be 1987 Home made Wood Cross
GR24 William Martin 77 05/08/1991 husband of Dora   Granite Tablet
GR24 Dora Martin 84 21/01/2004 wife of William   Granite Tablet
E34 Emma Martin 85 05/09/1923     Ceramic Plaque
E123 William Woodhouse Martin 77 30/08/1929 born 17/12/1851 husband of Esther   Granite Celtic Cross Kerb
C79 Sarah Maskery 59 02/11/1881 of Whatstandwell Late of Matlock Town   Limestone Headstone
D141 Charlotte Mason 63 18/04/1895 of Crich Carr wife of Charles   Marble Headstone Kerb broken
D141 Charles Mason 75 16/12/1908 husband of above   Marble Headstone Kerb broken
D32 Edwin Mason 77 09/06/1889 of Crich husband of Julia   Limestone Headstone
D32 Julia Mason 77 18/02/1890 of Denby wife of above   Limestone Headstone
D73 J W Mason 35 20/08/1918   died at Fouquiers Bethune WW1 husband of Emma Marble Headstone Kerb
E147 Emma Mason 74 23/10/1957 fond memories   Marble Headstone Kerb
F116 George Henry Mason 72 01/10/1967 husband of Olive    
F116 Olive Eliza Mason 71 01/11/1971 Wife of above    
F116 Gladys Mason 49 01/02/1971 Daughter of above    
F136 E Mason unknown unknown     No Stone
F211 Ernest Mason 83 10/11/1973 in loving memory   Marble Headstone
F234 A Mason unknown unknown     No Stone
F234 A Mason unknown unknown     No Stone
F289 Mary Mason 83 08/08/1979 in loving memory   Marble Headstone
F323 Nita Mason 48 1932-1981     White Marble HS
F355 Mavis Mason 42 20/08/1983 in loving memory   Granite Headstone
F558 Robert Ellis Mason 71 01/07/1999      
D200 James William Mason 55 05/10/1915   husband of Eliza ? Ceramic Marker
A25 John Mather 25 04/05/1839 of Crich Carr   Slate Headstone
A25 William Mather 8 15/09/1842 son of above killed by windmill sail   Slate Headstone
D131 Ellen Mather 32 22/04/1889 of Hartshay   Gritstone Headstone
D159 Joseph Mather 78 24/12/1904 born 27/8/1826 at Cromford died Fritchley This stone erected by his Adopted Niece Ann Elizabeth Shimwell Was late Inspector of Police Kingston upon Hull Marble Headstone Kerb
F365 Florence May Matthews 70 07/08/1984 a loving wife and mother   Granite Headstone
F365 Eric Matthews 83 11/09/1996 husband of above   Granite Headstone
E239 Mary Maycock 54 03/07/1940 wife of William   Gritstone Headstone
E239 William Maycock 82 23/01/1965 husband of above   Gritstone Headstone
F497 Mary Maycock 82 20/12/1993     Grey Marble Headstone
D174 Mary Elizabeth (Elsie) Melbourne 7yr 7mth 02/10/1890 only daughter of above Triple gravestones within railings Marble Cross
F634 Joan Anne Mellors 38 13/07/2006 born 3/1/1968   Black Marble Headstone
E302 Alfred Mercer 65 11/06/1930 husband of Elizabeth Alice   Marble Headstone broken
E302 Evelyn Mercer 3 05/03/1905 daughter of above   Marble Headstone broken
E302 Elizabeth Alice Mercer 68 03/12/1934 wife of above   Marble Headstone broken
B31 Lewis Merchant 54 13/11/1879 of Crich   Limestone Headstone
B31 Mary Merchant 61 03/02/1886 wife of above nee Bowmer Limestone Headstone
B31 William Merchant 61 26/02/1895   brother of Lewis Limestone Headstone
C160 Louisa Ann Merchant 38 05/05/1892 wife of Joseph Jnr of Whatstandwell   Marble Headstone Kerb
C160 Joseph Merchant 43 01/01/1898 of Matlock husband of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
C162 John Blakey Miers 7yr11mth 23/02/1873 son of John & Susannah of Chapel House Lea AKA Blakey Limestone Headstone
F66 W Mills unknown unknown     White Pot no name
F66 F Mills unknown unknown     White Pot no name
F534 Colin Mills unknown unknown     Wooden Home Made Cross
F595 Peter Mills unknown unknown     Brown Marble Headstone
E76 Laura Millward -- 19/11/1954 always kind and did her best   Marble Kerb
F158 Horace James Minkley 85 22/09/1969 husband of Eleanor    
F158 Eleanor Lilias Minkley 93 14/02/1976 wife of above    
C84 Martha Mitchell 39 28/02/1779 wife of John   Gritstone Headstone
C84 Hannah Mitchell 14 07/02/1779 daughter of John & Martha   Gritstone Headstone
C32 Mary Eliz Godber Mold 44 30/03/1872 of Wingfield Park wife of Charles John Mold   Sandstone Tomb
F512 David Hayton Moncrief 88 05/12/1995     Grey Marble Headstone
D160 Arthur Monk 31 31/12/1907     Marble Urn
GR2 Olive Edith Moodie 58 13/06/1981 born 19/4/1923 Sadly missed nee Mason Marble Tablet
F511 Violet Morris unknown 1909-1994      
F510 Frederick Sydney Morris unknown 04/10/1999     White Marble Headstone
F510 Kathleen Morris 89 12/03/2007 wife of above    
GR54 George Thomas Mortley 71 1902-1973 husband of Lydia   Granite Tablet
GR54 Lydia Mortley 90 1906-1996 wife of George   Granite Tablet
E259 Thomas Moseley 49 16/09/1960     Marble Vase
F458 Frances Moss 65 04/11/1991     White Marble Headstone
C27 John Mowbray 71 04/10/1893 of Wheatcroft   Limestone Headstone (Flat)
C27 Mary Mowbray 68 25/04/1885 of Clay Cross wife of above   Limestone Headstone (Flat)
D187 George Mowbray 66 03/11/1910 of Holly Bush Farm   Marble Headstone Kerb
D187 Harriett Mowbray 74 09/12/1921 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
GR82 Margaret Mowbray 70 1933-2003     Granite Tablet
F427 Isaac Mreson 87 16/05/1989 of Whatstandwell   Black Marble Headstone
GR3 Hilda Murfin 70 12/02/1983 in loving memory   Granite Tablet
F524 Violet Gladys Murphy unknown 08/04/1996 born 9/5/1912 The Actress, Singer & Dancer Vie Kay    
F628 John James Murphy 81 22/12/2005     Black Marker only


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