which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Burials – Alphabetically

N, O

IMPORTANT: Note the plot number beside the name and then check the Burial Plot Records for other internments in that grave.

There are many instances of different surnames in the same burial plot (e.g. married daughters)

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NB The inscription recorded may not be the complete version


Plot Forename(s) Surname Age Date of death Inscription Valeries notes Memorial
C138 Thomas Nadin 57 18/04/1851 of Crich Carr   Slate Headstone
C138 Caroline Nadin 46 17/03/1869 daughter of above died Micklelover Asylum Derby Slate Headstone
C138 Sarah Nadin 76 06/05/1873 wife of above nee Jackson (name is Sarah Foulkes on PR) Slate Headstone
E177 James William Nadin 64 23/05/1950 in loving memory of my dear husband   Granite Headstone Kerb
F77 G Needham unknown unknown     No Stone
F84 Tom Needham 81 11/03/1965 husband of Lily   Marble Headstone
F84 Lily Needham 81 04/01/1972     Marble Headstone
F394 I Needham unknown unknown     No Stone
E303 Martha T Neville 75 23/02/1931 in loving memory   Marble Headstone
E394 Henry Neville 87 06/05/1930 husband of Ada   Granite Cross kerb
E394 Ada Neville 85 07/09/1951 wife of above   Granite Cross kerb
F484 Roderick Newborough 48 02/04/1993   Lived 11 St Michaels Close Crich Black Marble Headstone
F271 Joyce Eileen Newborough 55 15/02/1978 in loving memory   Marble Headstone
F271 Fred Newborough 81 08/09/2003 husband of above Lived 3 Chatsworth Ave Crich Marble Headstone
GR93 Margaret Newman unknown 20/11/2006 wife of Norman   Granite Tablet
F589 Mary Newton 77 14/01/2002 born 21/4/1924   Black Marble Headstone
F589 George Alfred Newton 79 29/07/2004 born 8/8/1914 Husband of above   Black Marble Headstone
D117 Mary Nicholson 46 06/09/1872 of Hollings Farm wife of Richard   Limestone Headstone
A1 Job Nightingale 68 20/01/1830 of Wheatcroft   Sandstone Tomb
A39 Martha Nightingale 71 22/03/1838 of Wheatcroft wife of Joseph   Broken Slate Headstone
A39 John Nightingale 71 17/07/1858 son of Joseph & Martha   Broken Slate Headstone
C20 Mary Ann Nightingale 57 02/06/1899 of Crich   Sandstone Headstone
GR47 Ken Nightingale 60 26/07/1995     Granite Tablet
B64 John Noble 24 26/01/1864 of Wessington son Mark & Jemima   Gritstone Headstone
B64 George Noble 22 17/08/1848 son of Mark & Jemima   Gritstone Headstone
B64 Samuel Noble 26 30/06/1850 son of Mark & Jemima   Gritstone Headstone
E356 Emily Noble 56 16/06/1929 of Fritchley & wife of John   Marble Headstone Kerb
E356 John Thomas Noble 76 14/11/1947 husband of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
GR20 Betty Noble 68 1932-1990     Granite Tablet
GR98 Jillis Noble 53 01/07/2008     Granite Tablet
F57 M Noble unknown unknown     No Stone
F277 Timothy Shane O'Callagham 16 13/10/1978 born 21/10/1961 a dear son & nephew   Granite Headstone
F403 Violet Mary O'Reilly 79 12/03/1986 wife of Tom   Black Marble Headstone
F403 Tom O'Reilly 61 22/12/1986 husband of above Lived 28 The Tors Crich Black Marble Headstone
B14 Florence Maria Oakden 12 06/09/1885 Daughter of Josiah & Ann   Marble Headstone
B36 Jeremiah Odanavant 60 13/10/1797 Late of Leek Staffs fell in house of Samuel Rowe Innkeeper Sandstone Headstone
C62 Hannah Ogton 6 12/07/1751 of Tansley daughter of George & Hannah   Gritstone Headstone
B8 Thomas Oldfield 32 10/11/1766 son of Robert & Elizabeth of Wingerworth   Slate headstone
E232 Mary Alice Oliver 38 26/03/1949 born 24/3/1911 loving wife & mother   Marble open book
E312 John Oliver 77 01/05/1961 husband of Edith   Granite Footstone Kerb
E312 Edith Oliver 77 01/04/1963 wife of above   Granite Footstone Kerb
F341 Samuel Oliver 73 28/08/1982 a dear husband   Marble Headstone
B21 Ann Ollerenshaw 44 27/05/1823 of Holloway wife of George nee Flint Gritstone Headstone
B21 Hannah Ollerenshaw 20 16/04/1825 of Ashover daughter of above   Gritstone Headstone
B21 George Ollerenshaw 81 24/12/1858 of Crich husband of Ann   Gritstone Headstone
B21 George Ollerenshaw 6 21/04/1847 of Holloway Grandson of the above   Gritstone Headstone
D103 Hannah Ollerenshaw 77 05/05/1914 our dear mother   Ceramic Plaque
E229 Isaac Ollerenshaw 76 20/12/1947 husband of Ada   Marble Headstone Kerb
E229 Ada Ollerenshaw 92 20/06/1965 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
D21 Thirza Onions 19 10/08/1829 daughter of above   Limestone Headstone
A47 Elizabeth Orgill 50 08/02/1816 Late of Washington in this Parish Wessington a Gritstone Headstone
C26 Isaac Ottewell 79 31/05/1893 of Culland & husband of Hannah   Limestone Headstone (Flat)
F163 William Ovens 82 16/03/1970 a dear uncle   Granite Headstone


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