which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Burials – Alphabetically

P, Q

IMPORTANT: Note the plot number beside the name and then check the Burial Plot Records for other internments in that grave.

There are many instances of different surnames in the same burial plot (e.g. married daughters)

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NB The inscription recorded may not be the complete version


Plot Forename(s) Surname Age Date of death Inscription Valerie's notes Memorial
A29 J P unknown unknown     Sandstone Headstone
E224a Charlotte E P 88 07/05/1947     Marble Kerb Broken
F119 Reginald H P P 59 14/01/1968 in loving memory   Marble Headstone
F119 Olive P 99 25/06/2002 wife of above   Marble Headstone
F537 P P unknown unknown     No Stone
F520 J P unknown unknown     No Stone
F375 John Nicholson Paddison 59 31/12/1984 husband of Enid   Granite Headstone
F367 Darren Clinton Painter 16 17/06/1984 a dear son killed in a motor cycle accident Lived 1 Jeffries Lane Crich Granite Headstone
F516 Charles William Painter 71 11/03/1995      
F516 Hazel Painter 70 20/01/2002 wife of the above    
GR38 Valerie Elaine Palin 36 04/08/1993     Granite Tablet
D101 George Parkin 75 06/01/1910 born 22/8/1834   Marble Headstone Kerb
D101 Mary Parkin 72 04/09/1910 born 1/8/1837 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
E260 Mary Parkin 57 12/01/1947 wife of Frank   Gritstone Headstone Kerb
E260 Frank Parkin 67 08/08/1959 husband of above   Gritstone Headstone Kerb
E266 Enid Mary Parkin 21 18/01/1941 of Bargate   Limestone Headstone Kerb
E342 Annie Elizabeth Parkin 63 14/12/1924 born 23/12/1860 & wife of John James   Marble Headstone Kerb
F285 Alan Parkin 51 25/05/1979 a devoted husband Lived 12 Culland View Crich Granite Headstone
F653 Mabel Irene Parkin 86 14/12/2007     Wood Cross
GR58 Thomas Henry Parkin unknown 05/08/1997 husband of Nina   Granite Tablet
GR58 Nina Parkin 87 18/05/2000 wife of Thomas   Granite Tablet
F100 J Parsons unknown unknown     No Stone
D90 John Bryan Peach 67 14/12/1925 of Bents Hill   Marble Headstone Kerb
D90 Elizabeth Peach 56 19/05/1916 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
E247a Sarah Peach 74 1932 wife of Alfred Peach nee Bowmer Marble Kerb
E264 John Bryan Peach 54 14/11/1941 of Bent's Hill Farm   Limestone Kerb
F291 Francis Leonard Peach 56 29/08/1979 husband of Doris   Gritstone Headstone
F291 Doris Peach 58 09/01/1981 wife of above Lived 5 Bulling Lane Crich Gritstone Headstone
E264 Hannah Mary Jane Peach 75 13/02/1970 wife of above   Limestone Kerb
D99 Annie Peacock 56 23/04/1907 born 23/12/1850 of Whatstandwell   Marble Cross Kerb
D99 William Peacock 77 20/01/1928 born 5/11/1850 husband of above   Marble Cross Kerb
C113 John Pearce 82 20/06/1784 late of Wessington   Gritstone Headstone
A34 Peter Pearson 78 28/03/1855 of Crich   Gritstone Headstone
A34 Hannah Pearson 62 25/05/1845 wife of Peter nee Hall her second marriage, a widow on this marriage Gritstone Headstone
C117 Tacey Pearson 73 21/11/1898 of Lea husband of Sarah   Limestone Headstone
C117 Sarah Pearson 88 07/12/1906 wife of above   Limestone Headstone
C118 Charlotte Pearson 48 21/06/1867 of Lea   Limestone Head & Foot Stone
C118 Joseph Pearson 71 01/06/1891 of Lea husband of above   Limestone Head & Foot Stone
C119 Joseph Pearson 50 25/01/1832 late of Lea   Slate Headstone
C119 Hannah Pearson 84 22/02/1864 wife of above   Slate Headstone
F438 M Pekar unknown unknown     No Stone
D118 Thomas Perkins 71 02/05/1906     Marble Headstone Kerb
F386 George Perkins 55 14/10/1985 a beloved husband and father Lived 6 Rutland Place Bullbridge Granite Headstone & Vase
F614 Michael John Perkins 42 11/10/2003   Lived 77 Alfreton Rd Westhouse Black Marble Headstone
E336 Joseph Preece Perry 54 24/05/1944 husband of Mary Emma   Marble Headstone
E336 Mary Emma Perry 78 27/10/1963 wife of above   Marble Headstone
F239 Lexey Perry 84 10/07/1975      
F499 John Perry 78 27/01/1994 born 5/9/1915    
F519 Dennis Wilfred Perry 74 28/11/1995      
B47 Daniel Petts 66 18/07/1869 late of Fritchley   Sandstone Tomb
B47 Mary Petts 78 11/03/1878 of Fritchley wife of above   Sandstone Tomb
D110 Isaac Petts 62 22/08/1888 husband of Mary Stonemason who made Crich Cross & built Baptist Church Limestone Plinth Kerb
D110 Mary Petts 51 25/01/1885 wife of above   Limestone Plinth Kerb
D110 George Petts Petts 11mth 06/05/1871   son of above? Limestone Plinth Kerb
D110 Ann Ellen Petts Petts 3yr11mth 15/05/1872   daughter of above? Limestone Plinth Kerb
D130 William Petts 39 31/07/1895 of Fritchley   Limestone Headstone
D130 Leonard Petts 5 31/08/1889 son of above   Limestone Headstone
F382 Lancelot George Leonard Petts 78 07/01/1985 a dear husband and father   Granite Headstone
F565 Keith Petts 60 11/11/1999      
F625 Joseph William Bernard Petts 84 14/05/2005     Black Plaque only
F625 Mary Petts 84 26/06/2007     Black Plaque only
D232 Elizabeth Pickard 64 04/01/1920     Ceramic Plaque (misplaced)
F295 Lily Pickering 82 1898-1980 in loving memory Lived 2 Tor View The Common Crich Marble Headstone
A40 John Piggin 57 03/01/1818 of Crich   Slate Ledger
A40 Phoebe Piggin 74 14/10/1840 wife of above   Slate Ledger
A40 John Piggin 49 04/11/1878 of Crich Common son of William & Ann?   Slate Ledger
A40 Joseph Piggin 40 06/10/1880 of Manchester son of William & Ann? rest of stone is buried Slate Ledger
A41 John Piggin 28 04/05/1826 son of John & Phebe   Gritstone Headstone
E273 William Piggin 69 14/03/1938 Verger of this Church 1905-1926   Marble Headstone Kerb
E273 Lizzie Piggin 58 28/11/1926 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
E273 Lizzie Piggin 62 19/03/1964 daughter of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
E354 Agnes Piggott 28 05/10/1929 wife of Arthur & daughter of William & Annie Tomlinson   Marble Headstone
GR63 Lydia Pilgrim 93 1906-1999 wife of William   Granite Tablet
GR63 William Bernard Pilgrim 61 1906-1967 husband of Lydia   Granite Tablet
E134 Frank A Platt 23 11/06/1950     Granite Vase
D135 William Porter 48 01/04/1879 of Edge Farm   Gritstone Headstone (broken)
D135 Jane Porter 46 02/09/1879 wife of above   Gritstone Headstone (broken)
D182 William Porter 62 07/04/1858 of Edge Farm husband of Ann   Slate Headstone
D182 Ann Porter 64 28/03/1869 of Park Head wife of above   Slate Headstone
E258 Ernest Albert Porter 87 07/10/1960 husband of Emma   Marble Kerb
E258 Emma Jane Porter 85 24/11/1962 wife of above   Marble Kerb
E314 Wilfred Porter 26 01/04/1939 in loving memory   Marble Kerb
F113 Rosie Porter 71 28/05/1967 wife of John   Marble Headstone
F113 John William Porter 83 27/05/1975 husband of above Lived Chapel Lane Crich Marble Headstone
F189 Stanley Porter 48 03/05/1972 in loving memory   Marble Headstone
F189 Irene Porter 83 12/12/2006 wife of above   Marble Headstone
F228 Nora Hilda Porter 75 12/01/1974 wife of Benjamin   Marble Headstone
F228 Benjamin Porter 49 10/08/1944 husband of above Lived 1 Jeffries Lane Crich Marble Headstone
D183 Thomas Beardsley Porter 73 24/05/1917 son of William & Ann   Limestone Headstone
D194 Lot Beardsley Porter 23 28/01/1868 born 15/1/1845 husband of Mary Mae   Limestone Headstone
D194 Mary Mae Pharson Porter 40 02/06/1891 born 21/6/1850 wife of above   Limestone Headstone
GR12 John Frederick (Sonny) Porter 70 1917-1987     Granite Tablet
GR13 Geoffrey Porter Porter 67 19/06/1989 born 23/10/1921   Granite Tablet
GR13 Gwendoline Mona Porter 79 1924-2003 wife of John Frederick (nèe Seal)   Granite Tablet
D62 Hannah Poyser 16 01/01/1853 of Heage daughter of Robert & Mary mother Mary was nee Lynam Limestone Headstone
D62 Sarah Ann Poyser 28 29/12/1862 of Heage daughter of Robert & Mary mother Mary was nee Lynam Limestone Headstone
D63 Israel Poyser 74 04/05/1855 late of Crich Chase son of Israel & Ann (nee Lynam) Limestone Headstone
D63 Ann Poyser 80 06/10/1863 wife of above nee White Limestone Headstone
D126 Thomas Poyser 68 30/11/1867 late of Fritchley   Limestone Headstone
D126 Mary Poyser 61 14/12/1867 wife of above nee Bowmer Limestone Headstone
D126 Thomas Poyser 33 25/03/1868 son of above he was married Limestone Headstone
D133 Mary Hannah Poyser 12 21/09/1858 of Fritchley daughter of James & Eliza   Slate Headstone
D134 William Poyser Poyser 22 08/06/1875 of Fritchley son of James & Eliza   Slate Headstone
E368 Ralph Poyser 77 14/05/1925 son of Israel & Harriett unmarried Marble Kerb
E368 Harriet Poyser 73 14/02/1897 mother of above nee Chell Marble Kerb
F94 Ralph Leonard Poyser 52 02/02/1966 a dear husband and father his brother is Joseph Patrick Poyser b 1926 mother was nee Holmes Marble Headstone
F94 Erina Angelina Poyser 76 09/08/1998 wife of above   Marble Headstone
F523 Joseph Patrick Poyser 69 19/06/1996   born 1926 Brother of Ralph Leonard Poyser mother (nee Holmes)  
F33 G Poyser unknown unknown     No Stone
E129 Fanny Price 74 18/10/1938 born 22/2/1864   Limestone Headstone Kerb
F197 D Price unknown unknown     No Stone
F204 Clarence Price 71 20/05/1973 husband of Gladys Annie   Marble Headstone
F204 Gladys Annie Price Price 81 06/02/1985 wife of above Lived 47 Short Row Belper Marble Headstone
E200 Mary Prince 80 10/07/1949 in loving memory   Marble Kerb
F620 Rita Pritchett 57 23/05/2004     Black Marble Headstone
F120 T Pursglove unknown unknown     No Stone
F590 Baby Boris Pye unknown 27/02/2002     Grey Marble Block
E208 John William Quigley 73 26/03/1962 husband of Gertrude   Marble Headstone Kerb
E208 Gertrude Quigley 51 06/01/1942 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
F153 Jane Quigley 85 14/06/1969 our dear sister   Marble Headstone
F153 Martha Ann Quigley 93 30/12/1889 sister of above Lived 1 St Michaels Close Marble Headstone


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