which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Burials – Alphabetically


IMPORTANT: Note the plot number beside the name and then check the Burial Plot Records for other internments in that grave.

There are many instances of different surnames in the same burial plot (e.g. married daughters)

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NB The inscription recorded may not be the complete version


Plot Forename(s) Surname Age Date of death Inscription Valerie's notes Memorial
C155 T S unknown 01/01/1859   could be Thomas Smith 20/1/1859 1yr 8mth) Gritstone Block
C155 T S unknown 01/01/1859   could be Thomas Summer 21/4/1859 16days) Gritstone Block
C141 Richard Sampson 45 28/04/1834 of Crich   Gritstone Headstone
F539 Katherine Annie Sampson unknown 21/01/1998 born 18/6/1916 Sue  
F93 George Saunders 43 26/02/1966 husband of Evelyn   Marble Headstone
D209 Elizabeth Saxton 81 25/11/1889 daughter of above & wife of A H Saxton (Triple in Railings) Limestone Headstone
E30 William Sayles 85 08/06/1928 husband of Alice   Marble Kerb
E30 Alice Sayles 90 21/05/1936 wife of above   Marble Kerb
E307 Emma Alice Sayles 81 31/03/1956 wife of above   Granite Headstone kerb
E344 Garry Sayles 18 25/08/1956 son of Fred & Mary Sayles   Granite Headstone Kerb
F216 Frederick Sayles 71 01/06/1974 husband of Mary   Granite Headstone
F216 Mary Sayles 72 22/04/1982 wife of above   Granite Headstone
E307 Joseph Frederick Sayles 67 02/05/1943 husband of Emma Alice   Granite Headstone kerb
F596 Agnes Betty Scott 80 14/09/2002 born 13/8/1922 wife of the above   Black Marble Headstone
F596 William Frederick Scott 78 13/11/1999 born 27/3/1921   Black Marble Headstone
E126 Annie Inman Sealby 67 12/04/1937 of Maryport Cumbria   Marble Kerb
D231 Doris Maud Seals 2yr 5mth 13/02/1921     Marble Cross Kerb
D231 Robert Henry Seals infant unknown     Marble Cross Kerb
E248 Curtis William Seals 38 12/08/1934 husband of Grace   Marble Headstone Kerb
E248 Grace Seals 78 13/02/1982 of Church Farm wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
E277 Robert Henry Seals 30 28/06/1931 husband of Mary   Marble Kerb (broken)
E351 Edmund Seals 40 14/09/1928 husband of Alice   Marble Headstone Kerb
E351 Alice Maud Seals 70 04/04/1957 wife of Edmund   Marble Headstone Kerb
F165 Thomas William Seals 91 17/05/1970 of Common Farm Crich   Granite Headstone
F359 Joseph Norman Seals 68 04/12/1984 of South Winfield Park a dear husband   Granite Headstone
F359 Beatrice Alice Seals 84 24/07/1998 wife of above   Granite Headstone
F630 Mary Elizabeth Seals 69 01/07/2020     Black Marble Headstone
E131 Tamar Ann Self 65 10/08/1947 wife of Charles   Limestone Headstone Kerb
E204 Stephen Self 102 03/08/1957 husband of Sarah   Granite Headstone
E204 Sarah Self 85 17/03/1944 wife of above   Granite Headstone
F366 Joseph Self 95 20/05/1984 in loving memory Christened 14/7/1889 son of Stephen and Sarah Self of Crich Carr a Gardner) Granite Headstone
B28 Frederick William Self 36 30/10/1913     Marble Headstone & Kerb
B28 Martha Rebecca Self 56 04/01/1938 wife of above   Marble Headstone & Kerb
A36 Edward Sellors 84 10/06/1856 of Fritchley   Gritstone Headstone
A36 Hannah Sellors 81 13/12/1856 wife of Edward Sellors nee Vallans Gritstone Headstone
F308 Desmond Sellors 70 28/09/1980 in loving memory   Granite Headstone
F158 Doris Miriam Shapcott 83 12/04/2005 born 7/7/1922 was wife of Douglas Jim  
D209 Joseph Shaw 59 20/06/1872 of Henmoor House Kilburn (Triple in Railings) Limestone Coped Stone
D209 Mary Shaw 82 21/05/1891 of Denby wife of above (Triple in Railings) Limestone Coped Stone
E157 Hannah Shaw 63 24/06/1937 in loving memory   Marble Headstone Kerb
F217 William Bernard Shaw unknown unknown in loving memory husband of Edith   Marble Vase
F217 Edith Emily Shaw unknown unknown wife of above   Marble Vase
F372 Violet Shaw 86 19/12/1984 in loving memory Lived Chadwick Nick Lane Fritchley Granite Headstone
F472 Len Shaw 68 21/12/1991     Black Marble Headstone
F472 Brenda Shaw 65 12/12/1998 wife of the above Lived 33 Hawthorn Drive Cromford Black Marble Headstone
F41 E Sheldon unknown unknown     No Stone
C14 William Shipston 62 01/12/1932 son of William & Sarah   Slate Headstone
C14 George Shipston 43 16/10/1918 Killed in action son of William & Sarah   Slate Headstone
C15 William Shipston 42 21/03/1877 husband of Sarah   Slate Headstone
C15 Sarah Shipston 60 11/04/1901 wife of above   Slate Headstone
C17 William Shipston 75 21/04/1828 of Crich   Slate Headstone
C17 Dorothy Shipston 82 11/01/1835 wife of William   Slate Headstone
C17 Amy Shipston 63 07/06/1844 daughter of above   Slate Headstone
C17 Rebecca Shipston 69 23/03/1852 of Crich   Slate Headstone
C18 Sarah Shipston 4yr11mth 03/08/1842 daughter of William & Mary   Sandstone Headstone
C18 William Shipston 69 16/07/1859 Husband of Mary   Sandstone Headstone
C18 Mary Shipston 84 02/03/1882 wife of William   Sandstone Headstone
C14 Thomas Toplis Shipston 45 11/12/1922 son of William & Sarah   Slate Headstone
E216 Mary Shore unknown unknown     Marble Vase
F422b Sian-Ann Shortland unknown 28/07/1992 a child   White Marble Heart
F202 H Shuttleworth unknown unknown     No Stone
D108 Henry Sibley 57 05/11/1897 of Milford   Marble Cross Kerb
D108 Elizabeth Sibley 57 08/09/1897 2nd wife of above   Marble Cross Kerb
D108 Henry Leonard Sibley 3 02/05/1881 born 1/12/1877 son of above   Marble Cross Kerb
D108 William Sibley 65 26/02/1875 of Crich Carr husband of Sarah   Marble Cross Kerb
D108 Sarah Sibley 67 28/02/1878 wife of William   Marble Cross Kerb
F340 Olive Siddons 75 14/10/1982 of Fritchley a dear wife & mother   Granite Headstone
F340 Josiah Siddons 85 10/02/1994 husband of above   Granite Headstone
F654 Violette Siddons 70 11/09/2007     Black Marble Headstone
F580 Lawrence (Lol) Siddons 64 31/05/2001 born 6/6/1937    
A15 Christopher Silvester 56 09/02/1818 of Crich   Sandstone Tomb
A15 Mary Silvester 66 06/02/1829 wife   Sandstone Tomb
C110 Adam Simpson 64 25/10/1825 of Holloway Ashover   Gritstone Headstone
C111 Ann Simpson 42 12/05/1806 of Bull Bridge wife of Adam nee Smithurst Gritstone Headstone
D43 John Sims 59 04/12/1878 of Coddington House Farm   Limestone Obelisk
D43 Anthony Sims 57 01/12/1891 of Coddington House husband of Jane & brother of above   Limestone Obelisk
D43 Annie Sims 23 18/10/1888 daughter of Anthony & Jane   Limestone Obelisk
D43 Jane Sims 59 16/04/1904 born March 1840 wife of Anthony   Limestone Obelisk
D43 William Sims 23 23/11/1885 of Crich Carr son of Anthony & Jane   Limestone Obelisk
D44 German Sims 49 24/09/1889 of Wheatcroft Alderwasley on PR Limestone Coped
D44 Ellen Sims 28 30/12/1861 of Over Holloway could be wife or sister of German Limestone Coped
D52 William Sims 58 01/03/1849 late of Fritchley   Gritstone Headstone
D52 Rachel Sims 66 04/12/1869 wife of above   Gritstone Headstone
D189 Margaret Rose Sims 3 11/10/1934 To our dear daughter   Marble Kerb
D235 Joseph Sims 37 01/03/1885 (on vase1848-1885) husband of Sara Ann   Marble Vase
D235 Sarah Ann Sims 72 1850-1922 wife of above   Marble Vase
E308 Lily Sims 66 04/09/1944 in loving memory   Limestone Vase
GR5 John Richard Skelton 35 30/06/1984 in loving memory   Granite Tablet
E24 Lucy Elizabeth Skinner 60 04/05/1970 daughter of above nee Byan Peach Marble Headstone Kerb
C67 Hannah Slack 51 27/08/1838 of Culland wife of Charles nee Marsh Limestone Headstone
C67 Thomas Slack 31 21/02/1841 son of Charles & Hannah   Limestone Headstone
C68 Harriett Slack 3 19/05/1850 of Fritchley daughter of James & Martha   Gritstone Headstone
C92 Emma Slack 14 22/03/1876 of Mill Green daughter of Henry & Charlotte Sandstone Headstone
D11 Sam Carlin Slack 79 1912 b1832 Heage & husband of Maria   Marble Vase Broken
D11 Maria Slack 87 1924 b1837 Heage & wife of above   Marble Vase Broken
D98 Henry Slack 84 03/12/1925 of Park Head Crich   Marble Headstone Kerb
D98 Lucy Slack 60 02/11/1906 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
D144 Charles Slack 75 09/12/1895 husband of Dorothy   Marble Headstone Kerb
D144 Dorothy Slack 86 05/11/1896 wife of above nee Brown Marble Headstone Kerb
D193 Fanny Slack 38 31/08/1866 wife of Henry (this c/be Charlotte nee Chell)   Slate Headstone
D203 Edward Slack 63 18/04/1903 born 10/4/1841   Marble Headstone
E46 Clara Slack 81 10/01/1957 of Fritchley unmarried daughter ofThomas & Alice Recon Kerb
E78 Charles Isaac Slack 83 21/01/1955 in loving memory   Marble Kerb
E141 James William Slack 72 05/11/1953 husband of Mabel   Marble Kerb
E141 Mabel Slack 96 21/10/1982 wife of above   Marble Kerb
F108 John Walker Slack Slack 77 21/12/1966 husband of Agnes of Whatstandwell Granite Headstone
F108 Agnes Edna Slack Slack 94 16/01/1987 wife of above   Granite Headstone
F266 Lional J W Slack 62 20/11/1977 Treasured memories of Whatstandwell, son of John Walker Slack and Agnes Edna of Whatstandwell Granite Headstone
F266 E Slack unknown unknown     Granite Headstone
F398 Martyn Roy Parker Slack unknown 05/08/1986 born 14/5/1984 Lived 18 Bulling Lane Crich Grey Marble Headstone
F400 Marjorie Slack 71 19/07/1986     Black Marble Headstone
F570 Pauline Slack 55 06/10/2000      
E304 George Herbert Slack unknown 15/04/1932 husband of Linnie Alice Slack   Gritstone Headstone Kerb
F334 Martin Alan Slaney 23 07/11/1982 in loving memory   Granite Headstone
F606 Joan Evelyn Smisson 81 02/11/2003     Grey Marble Headstone
F406 Henry Victor Smith 88 17/11/1986 born 27/11/1897 husband of Edith parents were Joseph Roe Smith a Wheelwright & Annie Elizabeth Grey Marble Headstone
F406 Edith Smith 84 27/03/1988 wife of above born 7/8/1903   Grey Marble Headstone
A38 Elizabeth Smith 15 21/01/1856 of Holloway to William & Hannah   Gritstone Headstone
C7 Joshua Smith 73 05/02/1773 of Wessington   Sandstone Tomb
C7 Rebecca Smith 77 25/05/1773 wife of above of Wessington nee Woodhouse Sandstone Tomb
C7 William Smith 81 02/12/1790 of Crich father of Joshua Sandstone Tomb
C7 Ann Smith 92 22/10/1799 wife of William nee Roe Sandstone Tomb
C7 William Smith 69 25/09/1822 a Farmer of Crich son of William   Sandstone Tomb
C7 Grace Smith 72 26/08/1834 wife of William Jnr died Wadshelf, Brampton Parish Sandstone Tomb
C7 William Smith 17 30/06/1804 son of William Jnr   Sandstone Tomb
C7 William Henry Smith 19 11/12/1824 of Fradwell Staffs son of William Jnr   Sandstone Tomb
C7 Ralph Wheeldon Smith 69 03/04/1861 of Crich   Sandstone Tomb
C7 Ann Smith 76 05/07/1866 of Belper wife of Ralph nee Ann Tomlinson Fritchley Sandstone Tomb
C12 Charles Smith 62 10/03/1861 of Grove Cottage Crich Common   Sandstone Tomb
D15 Ferdinand Smith 82 27/04/1926   son of John & Ann Marble Headstone
D15 Hannah Smith 65 11/05/1910   could be be wife of Ferdinand Marble Headstone
D30 George Smith 73 24/03/1882 of Fritchley   Gritstone Headstone
D30 Lydia Smith 84 14/04/1913 wife of above   Gritstone Headstone
D49 Marina Smith 52 19/07/1867 of Holloway wife of George   Limestone Headstone
D49 George Smith 62 11/12/1868 husband of Marina   Limestone Headstone
D66 Ann Smith 61 09/04/1849 of Crich wife of John   Gritstone Headstone
D66 John Smith 84 07/04/1867 husband of above   Gritstone Headstone
D67 Sarah Smith 37 17/02/1873 of Crich wife of James   Limestone Headstone
D67 Ann Smith 10 08/07/1850 daughter of above   Limestone Headstone
D67 James Smith 78 17/01/1893 husband of Sarah   Limestone Headstone
D68 Arthur Smith 58 08/09/1900 of Crich husband of Ann   Marble Headstone
D68 Ann Smith 78 30/01/1933 wife of above   Marble Headstone
D69 Mary Smith 72 27/07/1891 wife of above   Marble Headstone kerb
D70 Annie Smith 4mth 26/01/1883 daughter of Joseph R & Annie E Smith   Gritstone Headstone
D71 Joseph Roe Smith 79 30/04/1931 husband of Annie Elizabeth   Marble Headstone kerb
D71 Annie Elizabeth Smith 90 02/03/1945 wife of above   Marble Headstone kerb
D89 Colin Charles Smith 48 05/08/1915 of Wessington   Marble Headstone Kerb
D89 Fanny Smith 86 08/02/1955 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
D127 Matthew Henry Smith 8mth 29/08/1869 of Heage son of Charles & Emma Smith & grandson of above   Limestone Headstone (flat) kerb
D127 Emma Smith 66 1839-1905 wife of Charles   Limestone Headstone (flat) kerb
D127 Charles Smith 66 1842-1908 husband of Emma   Limestone Headstone (flat) kerb
D127 Lydia Hannah Smith unknown 07/04/1955 daughter of Charles & Emma   Limestone Headstone (flat) kerb
D127 Agnes Emma Smith unknown 04/10/1965 daughter of Charles & Emma   Limestone Headstone (flat) kerb
D127 George Garner Smith 15 09/03/1899 born 3/12/1883 son of Charles & Emma of Butterley Park   Limestone Headstone (flat) kerb
D128 Charles Smith 84 28/01/1889 of Moorwood Moor   Limestone Headstone
D128 Hannah Smith 85 17/09/1891 of Ripley wife of above   Limestone Headstone
D192 Ralph Wheeldon Smith 65 25/06/1864 of Crich was an Innkeeper   Gritstone Headstone
D192 John Fritchley Smith 18 29/08/1867 son of above   Gritstone Headstone
D192 Ann Tomlinson Smith 75 09/06/1894 wife of Ralph Ann Newton on PR may have married again Gritstone Headstone
D202 William Smith 78 22/03/1897 husband of Hannah   Gritstone Headstone
D202 Hannah Smith 66 25/08/1900 of Shukstone Farm Crich wife of above   Gritstone Headstone
E61 Joseph Smith 53 24/01/1924 husband of Sarah   Marble Kerb
E61 Sarah Ann Smith 66 12/02/1938 wife of above   Marble Kerb
E90 Bernard Smith 24 10/11/1929 husband of Beatrice   Marble Kerb
E92 Annie Smith 65 13/05/1929 born 20/5/1864 wife of Samuel   Marble Kerb
E92 Samuel Smith 70 17/05/1933 born 11/1/1863 husband of above   Marble Kerb
E140 Minnie Smith 74 01/10/1958 wife of George   Marble Kerb
E140 Norman Smith 58 30/04/1952 son of above   Marble Kerb
E140 George Smith 72 18/05/1952 husband of Minnie   Marble Kerb
E184 James Alfred Smith unknown 01/01/1968 at rest   Granite Vase
E187 Sarah Smith 75 27/01/1948 wife of William   Marble Vase
E187 William Smith 82 10/07/1948 husband of above   Marble Vase
E196 Percy Stanley Smith 59 04/06/1949 husband of Beatrice   Marble Headstone Kerb
E196 Beatrice Annie Smith 81 18/01/1971 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
E251 Arthur Smith 37 20/07/1946 a dear husband   Reconstituted Vase
E270 Annie Rebecca (Nancy) Smith 20 25/09/1938   daughter of John James Smith? Marble Headstone Kerb
E270 John James Smith 72 01/08/1961   father of above? Marble Headstone Kerb
E306 William Smith 74 unknown husband of Violet   Marble Block
E306 Violet Smith 78 unknown wife of above   Marble Block
E330 Ethel Smith 45 04/02/1930 in loving memory   Ceramic Plaque
E352 Lucy Smith 12 30/10/1928 daughter of Joseph & Emma   Marble Kerb
E377 Joseph H Smith 50 07/09/1930 of Wheatcroft   Marble Headstone Kerb
E377 Joseph H Smith 68 01/01/1949   (probably father and son?) Marble Headstone Kerb
F10 E Smith   01/01/1988   Lived 12 Bulling Lane Marble Headstone
F28 Herbert Smith 69 07/07/1962 husband of Sarah Elizabeth   Marble Headstone
F28 Sarah Elizabeth Smith 81 14/12/1972 wife of above   Marble Headstone
F56 Fred Smith 66 09/11/1963 husband of Doris   Granite Headstone
F56 Doris Smith 65 17/02/1965 wife of above   Granite Headstone
F82 Edith Smith 75 09/11/1965 wife of William   Marble Headstone
F82 William Smith 73 13/10/1968 husband of above   Marble Headstone
F104 Tom Smith 65 24/10/1966 husband of Florence   Marble Headstone
F104 Florence Smith 71 27/10/1971 wife of above   Marble Headstone
F125 Eric Smith 52 07/02/1968 husband of Eva   Marble Open Book
F125 Eva Smith 63 04/10/1986 wife of above   Marble Open Book
F132 S Smith unknown unknown     Pot no name
F149 Agnes Smith 77 16/03/1969 wife of John Henry   Granite Headstone
F149 John Henry Smith 84 27/05/1973 husband of above son of GeorgeWheelwright & Emma Granite Headstone
F177 Walter Smith 60 17/06/1971 a dear husband and father   Granite Open Book
F177 Alice Smith 82 28/01/1996 wife of above Lived 52 The Common Crich Granite Open Book
F178 George Charles Smith 76 22/06/1971 husband of Henrietta   Marble Open Book
F178 Henrietta Smith 77 31/08/1972 wife of above   Marble Open Book
F191 Joseph Smith 99 04/08/1987 husband of Emma born Roes Lane Crich father a Wheelwright) (Recent burial 16/4/1987 information taken from obituary now updated from gravestone)  
F191 Emma Elizabeth Smith 82 22/03/1972 wife of above Lived Cross Farm Crich  
F225 Florence Martha Smith 91 14/08/1974 a dear mother and grandmother Lived 12 The Common Crich Marble Headstone
F265 Rene Smith unknown unknown   No Dates 1977 Headstone
F265 Percy Smith unknown unknown   No Dates 1977.Lived 9 Greenfields Fritchely Headstone
F280 Thelma Joan Eva Smith 56 21/11/1978 wife of Dennis   Granite Headstone
F280 Dennis Smith 57 21/09/1979 husband of above Lived 9 Chatsworth Ave Crich Granite Headstone
F286 Bertha May Smith 70 14/01/1979 wife of Albert   Marble Headstone
F286 Albert Smith 79 06/07/1986 husband of above   Marble Headstone
F306 Sydney Smith 73 unknown in memory   Marble Vase
F458B Joseph Victor Smith 80 06/04/2007 born 30/7/1928   Grey Marble Headstone
F476 C Smith unknown unknown     No Headstone
F479 Phoebe Agnes Smith 81 03/05/1992     Black Marble Headstone
F479 George Smith 84 27/10/1998 Husband of the above   Black Marble Headstone
F488 Roy Smith 29 13/04/1993   His photo on the stone Black Marble Headstone
F586 Thomas Colin Smith 62 14/02/2002   Lived 26 Chapel Lane Crich Black Marble Headstone
F602 John Joseph Smith 73 21/01/2003 of Cross Farm   Black Marble Headstone
F607 Bernard Smith 74 28/04/2003   Lived 24 The Tors Crich Grey Marble Headstone
GR62 John Richard (Dick) Smith 78 27/08/1998     Granite Tablet
E355 John Thomas Smith 45 06/01/1929 in loving memory   Marble Headstone Kerb
B44 William Francis Smith 32 13/07/1900 of Fritchley son of Samuel & Elizabeth son Samuel & Eliza Smith she was Eliza Petts re first marriage Marble Cross
D65 James Thomas Smith 3mth 08/04/1875 of Crich son of Arthur & Ann   Gritstone Headstone
D65 Thomas Smith 4mth 08/04/1881 son of Arthur & Ann   Gritstone Headstone
D69 George Ashbourne Smith 86 12/07/1902 husband of Mary   Marble Headstone kerb
D81 George Ashbourne Smith 38 09/11/1895 husband of Emma Saxton Smith   Marble Kerb
D81 Emma Saxton Smith 68 16/04/1934 wife of above nee Saxton Marble Kerb
E184 Florence Smith unknown 01/01/1946 at rest   Granite Vase
E343 Rebecca Smith 62 26/10/1924     Limestone Kerb
E209 Selina Smithurst 74 02/11/1942 wife of Henry   Limestone Kerb
E209 Henry Smithurst 81 22/01/1948 husband of above   Limestone Kerb
E276 William Smithurst 67 15/02/1931 in loving memory   Marble Urn & Kerb
F611 Elsie Snowden 67 25/04/2003 born 16/3/1936   Wooden Cross
D2 George Sowter 19 23/04/1759 son of George   Sandstone Headstone
F319 John Sparham 58 25/04/1981 a dear husband   Granite Headstone
F319 Lorna Sparham 75 28/06/1995 wife of above   Granite Headstone
A26 Mary Spencer 62 19/04/1819 wife of John of Crich Carr   Gritstone Headstone
A26 John Spencer 77 25/03/1830 husband of Mary   Gritstone Headstone
A26 Sarah Spencer 45 25/07/1827 wife of John second wife? nee Wragg Gritstone Headstone
A37 Rebecca Spencer 82 21/12/1841 of Crich Carr wife of Samuel nee Flint Gritstone Headstone
A37 Samuel Spencer 88 14/12/1842 Husband of Above   Gritstone Headstone
C132 Simeon Spencer 75 02/11/1874 of Crich husband of Elizabeth   Limestone Headstone
C132 Elizabeth Spencer Spencer 79 22/07/1883 of Ripley wife of above   Limestone Headstone
F260 A Spencer unknown unknown     No Stone
F316 Leonard Spencer 61 03/02/1981 a dear husband and grandfather Lived 9 Coasthill Crich Granite Headstone
F410 Edna Spencer 68 04/12/1987     Black Marble Headstone
F593 Julie Marie Spencer 64 28/05/2002 born 7/5/1938 Lived 35 Hill St Ripley Brown Marble Headstone
GR43 Barrie Spencer 57 21/10/1994     Granite Tablet
A35 John Spencer 59 23/02/1839 Late of Crich Carr   Gritstone Headstone
D53 Isaac Spendlove 27 24/10/1852 son of Isaac & Phillis   Gritstone Headstone
D54 Phillis Spendlove 45 24/12/1848 of Hollins wife of Isaac   Sandstone Headstone
D54 Isaac Spendlove 78 24/02/1878 of Belper Union husband of above   Sandstone Headstone
D197 Joseph Spendlove 28 04/08/1858 late of Wakebridge Farm son of Gervais & Ann Slate Headstone
E250 Frederick Spendlove 66 01/07/1946 husband of Florence   Marble Headstone Kerb
E250 Florence Spendlove 41 13/08/1916 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
F130 Frederick Thorpe Spendlove 57 21/09/1968 a dear brother Lived 73 Spencer Rd Belper Gritstone Headstone
F624 Patricia Ann Spray 58 18/05/2002 born 29/4/1944 of Robin Hood   Grey Marble Headstone
F305 George Stables 61 30/04/1980 a brother of Muriel & Ruby   Marble Open Book
D220 John Stacey 29 27/10/1896 of Derby son of John & Jane   Gritstone Coped Stone
D220 John Stacey 82 03/12/1912 at Sheffield & father of above   Gritstone Coped Stone
D220 Jane Stacey 96 15/03/1924 wife of John   Gritstone Coped Stone
C50 Ann Staley 75 15/02/1857 of Tansley wife of Francis Staley   Gritstone Tomb
E47 Eliza Ann Stanley 78 19/06/1965 wife of Malcolm   Marble Kerb
E47 Malcolm Stanley 89 20/10/1965 husband of above   Marble Kerb
E65 Arnold Malcolm Stanley 13 08/01/1934 son of Malcolm & Eliza Ann   Marble Headstone Kerb
F147 Elise Minnie Stanley 72 02/07/1969 wife of John R   Marble Open Book
F147 John R Stanley 81 17/06/1979 husband of above   Marble Open Book
GR50 May Stant 74 14/08/1995 born 9/5/1921   Granite Tablet
? Edward Stenson 64 27/01/1891   See Stinson family Unmarked
B63 Jane Elizabeth Steeple 11 19/10/1858 only child of Obadiah & Mary   Limestone Headstone
F13 Anne Maud Steeples 77 29/11/1961 wife of Thomas William   Marble Headstone
F13 Thomas William Steeples 86 25/09/1965 husband of above Lived Lindway Lane Farm Marble Headstone
F300 Francis Stephen Steeples 71 04/05/1980 treasured memories   Granite Headstone
D113 George Sterndall 27 24/07/1862 of Lea Hurst   Gritstone Headstone
C150 Joseph Stevenson 60 10/11/1896 of Fritchley husband of Alice   Marble Headstone
C150 Alice Stevenson 73 27/07/1919 wife of above   Marble Headstone
C150 Frederick Stevenson 21 05/05/1900 of Fritchley son of above   Marble Headstone
C150 Mary Stevenson 23 14/02/1906 daughter of above   Marble Headstone
C150 Robert Stevenson 35 28/03/1918 son of above killed in action WW1   Marble Headstone
F414 Sheila Lindsay Stewart 81 08/05/1987 wife of Donald   Black Marble Headstone
F414 Donald Stewart 86 05/11/1990 husband of above Lived 94 The Common Crich Black Marble Headstone
E338 Winifred Stinson 56 02/10/1940   Wife of Edward E180. Lived at Chadwick Nick Marble Vase
F12 Gwendoline Stinson a few hours 20/10/1961 our baby daughter   Marble Headstone
F95a Reginald Stinson 47 03/02/1966 a dear husband and father Lived at 15 Chase View, Crich. Husband of Mary Gendoline Granite Headstone
F95b Mary Gwendoline Stinson 71 19/05/1996 a much loved wife, mother and grandmother Lived at 15 Chase View, Crich. Wife of Reginald. Granite Headstone
F474 G Stinson unknown unknown     Black Pot no name
E180 Edward Stinson 84 30/04/1956   Husband of Winifred E338. Lived at Chawick Nick Marble Vase
E27 Annie Stocker 59 19/11/1956 wife of Martin   Marble Kerb Vase
E27 Martin G Stocker 79 27/07/1966 husband of above   Marble Kerb Vase
D116 Samuel Stocks 66 03/06/1902 husband of Emma   Marble Headstone Kerb
D116 Emma Stocks 72 25/03/1912 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
D116 Florence Stocks 28 23/09/1901 daughter of Samuel & Emma   Marble Headstone Kerb
E19 Sarah Ann Stocks 67 21/12/1957 wife of Henry   Marble Kerb Vase
E19 Henry Stocks 79 25/08/1965 husband of above   Marble Kerb Vase
E72 Allen Stocks 4mth 30/04/1949 son of A & D Stocks   Small Marble Open Book
E109 Arthur Dawes Stocks 76 15/04/1953 husband of Gertrude   Reconstituted Headstone Kerb
E109 Gertrude G Stocks 84 20/08/1966 wife of above   Reconstituted Headstone Kerb
E192 Charles Stocks 62 02/04/1949 husband of Annie Alice   Marble Footstone Kerb
E192 Annie Alice Stocks 82 13/05/1972 wife of above   Marble Footstone Kerb
E192 Charles Stocks 62 02/04/1949 from his fellow workmen   Reconstituted Vase
E282 Betty Stocks 81 30/09/1932 wife of Charles   Marble Headstone Kerb
E282 Charles Stocks 84 11/06/1934 husband of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
F121 Daisy Agnes Stocks 57 25/01/1968 a dear wife & mother   Granite Headstone
F121 Arthur Dawes Stocks 90 29/05/2000 husband of above   Granite Headstone
F139 James Eric Stocks 26 12/09/1968 our dear son   Marble Open Book
F139 Hilda Stocks unknown 21/04/1976 mother of above & wife of Albert   Marble Open Book
F139 Albert Stocks unknown 11/07/1986 husband of above   Marble Open Book
F249 S Stocks unknown unknown     No Stone
GR66 Reg Stocks 83 01/09/2000     Granite Tablet
GR75 Ron Stocks 83 20/01/2002     Granite Tablet
GR75 Peggy Stocks 79 15/06/2002     Granite Tablet
F259 Edwin Charles Stockton 66 13/04/1977 husband of Kathleen   Marble Open Book
F259 Kathleen Elizabeth Stockton 68 01/04/1982 wife of above   Marble Open Book
E178 Mary Ann Stone 51 02/05/1952 wife of Ernest   Granite Headstone
E178 Ernest Stone 75 28/03/1977 husband of above   Granite Headstone
E178 Mary Ann Stone unknown unknown     Marble Vase
E284 Granville Ernest Stone 21 29/03/1933 son of Isaac & Mary Ruth   Marble Marker Kerb
E284 Isaac Stone 75 22/07/1956 husband of Mary Ruth   Marble Marker Kerb
E284 Mary Ruth Stone 74 08/02/1957 wife of above   Marble Marker Kerb
F5 Thomas Stone 75 17/08/1961 husband of Sarah Ellen   Marble Headstone
F5 Sarah Ellen Stone 75 08/11/1964 wife of above Lived 32 Shaw Wood View South Wingfield Marble Headstone
GR69 John Stone 62 02/12/2000     Granite Tablet
C57 Aaron Stoppard 57 25/06/1844 of Lea also of Ashover Limestone Headstone
C57 Hannah Stoppard 76 22/05/1857 of Matlock Bank could be daughter or wife Limestone Headstone
C58 James Stoppard 7 19/08/1828 of Lea son of Aaron & Hannah   Gritstone Headstone
C59 Sarah Stoppard 44 02/09/1876 of Lea wife of Thomas nee Rogers Limestone Headstone
C59 Ann Stoppard 14mth 28/04/1862 daughter of above   Limestone Headstone
C59 Esther Annie Stoppard 17 10/08/1872 daughter of above   Limestone Headstone
C59 Tom Stoppard 2yr3mth 11/12/1872 son of above   Limestone Headstone
C59 Robert Stoppard 3yr5mth 30/08/1875 son of above   Limestone Headstone
D216 Hannah Stoppard 81 01/07/1925 wife of Henry   Marble Headstone Fallen
D216 Harry Stoppard 34 10/01/1916 son of above killed WW1 Fallen in action   Marble Headstone Fallen
F270 Lawrence W Stoppard Stoppard 87 31/01/1978 husband of Fanny   Granite Headstone
F270 Fanny Stoppard 89 17/07/1982 wife of above Lived 22 New St, Swanwick Granite Headstone
A28 John Storer 39 20/11/1823 husband of Mary   Fragment only
A28 Mary Storer 56 14/07/1843 of Holloway wife of above nee Barnes Fragment only
B55 Thomas Storer Storer 31 23/11/1840 of Whatstandwell Bridge   Slate Headstone
B55 Abigail Storer 72 26/02/1882 of Lea Shaw Wood wife of above   Slate Headstone
C22 John Storer 80 15/06/1891 husband of Mary   Granite Headstone (Flat)
C22 Mary Storer 72 24/09/1884 wife of above   Granite Headstone (Flat)
D97 John Storer 19 19/05/1852 of Alderwasley   Gritstone Headstone
D97 Elizabeth Storer 19 14/05/1857   sister of above? Gritstone Headstone
D218 William Storer unknown unknown     Marble Vase
E33 Emma Storer 81 25/05/1923     Marble Kerb
E170 Matthew Storer 73 27/10/1952 husband of Ethel Mary   Marble Headstone Kerb
E170 Ethel May Storer 85 16/01/1966 wife of above   Marble Headstone Kerb
E255 Ada Harriet Storer 69 25/01/1947 wife of Charles   Marble Vase
E255 Charles Storer 76 25/03/1954 husband of above   Marble Vase
F138 M Storer unknown unknown     No Stone
F246 Alice Storer 68 25/01/1976 loved wife, mother & grandma   Granite Open Book
F246 Charles Storer 85 13/09/1988 husband of above   Granite Open Book
F598 George Henry Storer 88 15/10/2002     Black Marble Headstone
GR32 George William Storer 83 18/10/1992 husband of Annie   Granite Tablet
GR32 Annie Storer 91 26/06/2003 wife of George   Granite Tablet
B56 Mary Storer 70 02/07/1834 wife of Richard Storer & later Thos Alsop should be Mary Alsop a Gritstone Headstone
E271 Gladys Winifred Straw 31 21/11/1937 treasured memories of our loved one   Granite Headstone kerb
E274 Walter Straw 51 27/07/1927 of Fritchley   Marble Cross Kerb
E274 Mary Ann Straw 63 14/12/1944 wife of above   Marble Cross Kerb
C101 Elizabeth Street 68 17/11/1802 wife of Anthony   Gritstone Headstone
C101 Anthony Street 78 15/10/1810 of Wheatcroft huband of above   Gritstone Headstone
E62 Mary Ann Street 90 26/03/1960 loving memory   Marble Footstone Kerb
F21 Arthur Street 67 04/04/1962 treasured memories   Granite Headstone
F21 Sarah Ellen Street 85 12/11/1983 wife of above   Granite Headstone
F555 Arthur Barry Street 66 01/05/1999      
GR40 Eva Street 63 1931-1994     Granite Tablet
F89 Lucy Janet Street 61 12/07/1965 wife of George   Marble Headstone
F89 George Lewis Street 80 01/06/1974 husband of above Lived Cromford Rd Marble Headstone
F31 F Street unknown unknown     No Stone
F31 A Street unknown unknown     No Stone
D78 Robert Strelley 1w 06/09/1866 of Fritchley full name is Robert George Fletcher Strelley Slate Headstone
D78 Frederick William Strelley 1-6mth 11/06/1863 of Wingfield Park brother of below   Slate Headstone
C151 Elizabeth Strutt 9mth 10/01/1850 of Bull Bridge daughter of James & Mary   Limestone Headstone
C151 James Strutt 10 01/03/1863 of Fritchley son of James & Mary   Limestone Headstone
C152 James Strutt 80 19/01/1891 of Fritchley husband of Mary Ann   Marble Headstone
C152 Mary Ann Strutt 71 31/10/1884 wife of James   Marble Headstone
C152 George Strutt 40 28/01/1888 of Fritchley son of above   Marble Headstone
E138 Theresa Sudbury 69 03/06/1952 wife of William   Reconstituted Headstone Kerb
E138 William Sudbury 80 25/05/1958 husband of above   Reconstituted Headstone Kerb
E328 Mary Sulley 68 19/01/1930 of Fritchley wife of John   Marble Kerb
E328 John Sulley 75 06/08/1935 husband of above   Marble Kerb
F256 D Sulley unknown unknown     No Stone
D20 William Swann 51 27/12/1865 of Crich husband of Mary Ann   Limestone Heastone
D20 Mary Ann Swann 73 18/03/1887 wife of above died at Derby   Limestone Heastone
F636 John Barry Swift 73 23/10/2006     Wooden Cross
E190 Lydia Swindell 69 23/10/1948 wife of William   Reconstituted Kerb
E190 William Swindell 85 30/11/1963 husband of above   Reconstituted Kerb
E218 Victor Swindell 26 27/10/1935 of Whatstandwell   Marble Vase
F310 Florence May Swindell 63 28/11/1980 wife of William   Granite Headstone
D46 James Sykes 56 29/06/1848 of Crich   Gritstone Headstone


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