which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell


Tony Lester

A photocopy of the following report, from a Summer edition of the Derbyshire Times, about the 1934 Crich and Fritchley Hospital Carnival, was kindly given to me by Mrs M. Charbeneau of Fritchley.

The Loch Ness "Monster" was very much in evidence at the Carnival on Saturday, as one of the most outstanding, of many original entries in the fancy Dress Parade attracted enormous attention. The "Monster" a very fearsome looking "Creature" some 20 or 30 feet long, lived up to it's reputation of timidity personified. Being unable to avoid unwelcome curiosity by submerging as it does in it's own loch, it discouraged close inspection by the effective use of an assortment of weapons, such as feet, hands and sticks, but a brave few who risked attack to peer underneath it's skin were rewarded by the sight of dainty underwear and lengths of shapely legs, clad in silken hose. The "Monster" was the entry of Crich Girl Guides under the supervision of Captain Lester (My late Aunt Joyce).

A baby show, in which the "babies"were all young ladies, complete with "dummies" and other things with which harassed parents endeavour to deceive unsuspecting offspring into good temper and contentment, was a highly amusing entry.

"Let Crich's light so shine before Derby, that they may see our good work" was the parody which can be forgiven, of a biblical quotation carried by a competitor attired in the costume of an old forester.

The carnival opened with the Crowning of the "Queen" (Miss Vera Hyde) who arrived in the market place for the ceremony in a gorgeous "Royal" coach accompanied by her attendants, Misses Dorothy and Joan Barber, Mavis Street, Elizabeth Lynam, Betty Perry and Joyce Ludlam, with Mr Stanley Piggin as the "Royal Jester". Dressed in a delicate shade of pink, "Her majesty" looked particularly attractive. She was crowned by Mr George Holmes whom she afterwards "Knighted" with all the dignity the occasion demanded.

Mr J F Lynam who presided, explained that the proceeds were for the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, and the Children's and Women's hospitals, the committee, he said, had endeavoured to make the carnival a bigger success than ever, and he hoped they would receive their encouraging support. They had done "without a King" this year in order to keep down expenses.

After crowning the "Queen" in the market place Mr George Holmes (instructor of Crich dancing School) made a strong appeal for support, and said they must have more money if they were to have recommends. He pointed out that last year, the expenses of the carnival were over £20 and they wanted them to be considerably less this year. He wanted all to ask themselves if they were doing their share for the Hospitals.

The procession headed by Crich Silver Band, then proceeded down Crich Common to Fritchley and back to a field on Crich Common, where the Judging was done by Mr A Taylor, and Mrs Taylor, Mr L Wozencroft and Mrs Wozencroft (Derby), Mrs E Glossop (Ambergate) Mr L H Shore-Nightingale (Lea Hurst) and Mr S Bower (Crich Common).

The officials, who worked assiduously to make the carnival a success were: Mr F J Lynam J P (Chairman), Mr A C Adams (Secretary), Mr George Brumwell (Treasurer), Mr F Fern (Assistant Secretary) and Mr N Hiden (Secretary for Fritchley Branch).

Members of St John's Ambulance Brigade were present, Councillor F J Lynam was the official marshall, and P C Breed regulated traffic.

Children's sports had been arranged but these were abandoned.

Mrs J Sewey, Belper, youngest daughter of F J Lynam, presented the prizes. Councillor Lynam thanked the artistes and all who had helped to make the effort a success, Mr Brumwell seconded the vote of thanks.

Concerts were given by Mr Frank Young's Band, Hetty and Ben (Comedians) and exhibitions of folk dancing by members of Crich Folk Dancing Society under Miss Stella Haywood and Mr J Haywood (Headmaster of the C of E School). Crich Silver band under Bandmaster G Haslam played selections.

Procession awards were:
Decorated Vehicles: 1. An Old World Garden (Crich Dancing School) 2. Suffer Little Children (Miss Fantom, Fritchley) 3. True Art (Crich School of Dancing).
Prams: 1. Lillies (Ivy Barton) 2. Old Fashioned Garden (Lewis Henson).
Fancy Dress Girls: 1. Nita Henson (Bride Cake) 2. Audrey Trundler, Belper (Lavender) 3. Eileen Wragg.
: 1. Horace Walker, Heage (Tommy Atkins) 2. John Piggin (Brussel Sprouts).
Adult Couples: 1. Edna Barrett & Beatrice Hiden, Fritchley (Oranges & Lemons) 2. Mrs Stott and Mrs Taylor (Punch & Judy).
Children's Couples: 1. Ida Hitchcock and Nancy Haslam (Oranges & Lemons) 2. T Bowler and A Bowler, Alfreton (Costers).
Ladies: 1. Mrs Bosworth, Pilsley (Uncle Tom) 2. Mrs T Smith (Things of the past).
Special Prize: Loch Ness Monster (Crich Girl Guides under Capt J Lester).

Winners of hidden treasure were Mrs J Lynam and Mrs S Holmes.
Stalls: Mr J Wragg (Hoop-La), Mr J Ludlam (Bran Tub), Mr H Stocks (coconuts), Mrs A C Adams and Mrs J Ludlam (Sweets and Ice Cream).
Refreshments by Mesdames F J Lynam, J Lynam, J Lester, A Street, H Hyde, H Tomlinson, F N Smith, A Rollinson, L Rollinson, A Poyser, and J Poyser.

The proceedings concluded with a Dance in Crich school, Mr F Wilson (who married my Aunt Joyce's sister Sheila) was M. C., Mr A Taylor was in charge of the music, Mrs A C Adams and Mrs J Ludlam supervised the sale of ices and sweets, Members of the Ladies Committee served refreshments.

I can remember in the late 1930's there used to be several carnival bands in the procession from Chesterfield, Derby, Horsley and other places. In the evening they had a contest on the Rec. for the best Marching Band, finishing sometimes in the dusk, some had lights on their hats.
The late Harry Land told me several times that he used to play for a carnival band from
Spondon. I think years ago, people used to go round all the local carnivals, dressing up each week, as the Prize Lists suggest.

When Crich band played at Carnivals after the war, we shared the parades on several occasions with Breaston Highlanders Carnival Band, who at the time were one of the best about.

As can be seen from this account, the Reporters of yesteryear certainly went into every detail, and with very expressive words e.g. assiduously etc.

There is a photo of the "Royal Party" above the report, but it hadn't come out very clearly on the photocopy.

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