which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Friends of the Cromford Canal

Cromford Canal falls within Crich boundary between Leashaw Farm and Chase Farm.

The 'Friends of the Cromford Canal' is a charitable organisation whose aim is to see the restoration of the historic Cromford Canal for the benefit of the general public. We advocate and promote its restoration to navigation, connected to the national inland waterway system, and the conservation, use, maintenance, and development of the canal, buildings, towing path, structures, craft and environment now or previously associated with the canal to its fullest use for appropriate commercial and recreational purposes and to preserve this valuable historical heritage.

For the history and information of the Cromford Canal visit their website:
Friends of Cromford Canal

There is an excellent book full of fascinating photographs and historical detail entitled "The Cromford Canal" by Hugh Potter. Further information and ordering detail can be found at:
'The Cromford Canal'

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