which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

CRICH in Harrison and Harrod Co. Directory & Gazeteer (1860)

Transcribed by Peter Patilla

CRICH is an extensive parish, containing the township of Crich, in the Morleston and Litchurch Hundred; the township of Wessington, in the Scarsdale Hundred ; and the township and chapelry of Tansley in the Wirksworth Hundred. The entire parish contained in 1851, 3,670 inhabitants.
Crich is a large well-built village and township, pleasantly situated at the cross of the roads from Alfreton to Cromford and Wirksworth; 5 miles W. by S. from Alfreton. The church, which is dedicated to St. Michael, is a handsome structure, situated on a commanding eminence, with a tower, surmounted by a spire, and five bells. The living is a vicarage ; Rev. William Chawner, B.A., is the incumbent. The General Baptists, the Wesleyans, the Wesleyan Reformers, and Primitive Methodists, have each places of worship here. The Primitive Methodists have also chapels at Crich Carr, and Fritchley ; the Independents have also a chapel at the latter place. The national school was erected in 1848.

Ambergate, a small hamlet on the Midland Railway, at the junction where the Matlock and Rowsley and Matlock branch joins the main line, 1½ mile S.E. from Crich. Here is a neat railway station.

Tansley, a township, chapelry, and scattered village, 5 miles N.N.E. from Crich. A district church was erected here in 1839. It is a neat stone structure. The living is a perpetual curacy; the Rev. Melville Holmes is the incumbent. A handsome national school was built in 1843 ; since which an infant school has been added. The Wesleyan Methodists have a neat chapel here.
Wessington, a small village, 3 miles N. from Crich. A Sunday school was erected by subscription in 1841, which is now licensed as an Episcopal place of worship, and the vicar of "Crich officiates in it. The Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists have each a small chapel here.

Post-office, at Charlotte Witham's, Crich. Letters arrive from Belper at 8.0 a.m., and are despatched at 6.0 p.m.

Post-office, at Mary Leam's, Fritchley. Letters arrive at 8.0 a.m. and are despatched at 6.30 p.m.


Chawner, Rev. W., B.A., vicar, Vicarage
Curzon, George, Common
Fletcher, Mrs. Penelope, Common
Fowkes, John

Frost, Mrs. Dinah
Marshall, William
Smith, Charles
Storer, John


Alsop, John and Robert, besom makers
Alsop, Luke, land and mineral surveyor, and bar master for the liberty of Crich, Cliff house
Alsop, Robert, carrier to Derby on Fridays
Argyle, William, miller, Bull Bridge Water-mill
Baker, Charles, Wheat Sheaf
Barrott, William, beer retailer, Fritchley
Bennett, Samuel, farmer
Bestwick, Henry, farmer
Blunstone, Francis, butcher
Boag, Robert, lime bunner and contractor
Bollington, William, boot and shoemaker
Bower, Samuel, Black Swan
Bowmer, John, farmer
Bowmer, Thomas, miller and farmer, Fritchley
Bown, John, grocer
Bownes, Peter, manager of lime works
Broadhurst, Benjamin, Thatched House Tavern, commercial boarding and posting hotel
Broadhurst, Ben., farmer, Hag farm
Broadhurst, Daniel, farmer, Coddington
Brown, Joseph, framesmith
Brown, Thomas, farmer, Pothouse
Bryan, Ann, farmer
Bunting, John, blacksmith
Bunting, Robert, grocer and tailor
Burley, Ann, Bull's Head
Burton, James, farmer
Burton, Jeremiah, grocer
Butterley, and Co., lime works
Cheetham, John, grocer
Cheetham, William, grocer and baker
Chell, George, millwright and engineer, Fritchley
Chell, John and Son, millwrights and engineers, Fritchley
Chell, John, grocer, Fritchley
Chell, John, beer retailer and millwright
Clay Cross Lime Company; Thomas Summerside, resident agent
Cockayne, Samuel, grocer and baker, Fritchley
Crossley, Josiah, grocer
Dawes, Abraham, framework knitter
Dawes, Thomas, grocer and coal dealer
Else, James; agent to Wass and Co., lead mines
Else, William, miller, Bull Bridge Steam Mill
Flint, Ellen, grocer
Flint, Isaac, butcher
Fritchley, Mrs,, farmer, Fritchley
Fritchley, William, farmer, Fritchley
Gerrison, Joseph, slater and plasterer, Common
Goodale, Herbert, grocer and draper .
Gregory, John, farmer, Park Head
Grundy, Anthony, joiner
Hall; Elijah/farmer
Hall, Richard, farmer
Hall, Thomas W., surgeon
Hardstone, John, farmer, Park Head
Hath way, Joseph N., surgeon
Hay, Robert, farmer, Crich Chase
Haynes, Geo., joiner
Haynes, John, joiner
Higgott, James, tailor, Fritchley
Highton, John, butcher
Hill, George, farmer
Holmes, John, boot and shoemaker
Holmes, Sarah, Lord Nelson
Hopkinson, John, farmer
Hopkinson, William, farmer
Howitt, Joseph, beer retailer and grocer
Jackson, Charles, coal dealer and carrier
Jackson, Isaac, farmer
Jackson, Thomas, beer retailer and stonemason
Jeffries, James, stone quarry contractor, Sheldon house
Jenkinson, William, tailor
Jessop, Michael, solicitor, deputy clerk to County Court, and clerk, to. Board of Guardians
Jowett, John,grit, stone, and quarry owner, Bull Bridge

Leam, Mary, grocer
Leam, Samuel, wheelwright,; Fritchley
Lee, James, grocer, draper, and chandler
Lee, John, spirit, ale, and porter merchant
Lee, John Walker, wine, and;spirit, merchant
Lee, Joseph, farmer and grocer
Lee, Robert, farmer
Lessen, Robert, coal agent
March, John, Rising. Sun
Marshall, David, farmer
Marshall, William, farmer
Merchant, Lewis, stone merchant
Mills, Charles, and Co., lead mine owners
Mold, Charles, coal merchant
Morrall, George, farmer
Nicholson, Richard, farmer
Nightingale, John, grocer and joiner
Ollerenshaw, Isaac, grocer and stonemason
Petts, Daniel, gunsmith, Fritchley
Porter, Mrs., farmer
Poyser, George, farmer, Fritchley
Poyser, Israel, farmer, Crich Chase
Poyser, James, boot and shoemaker, Fritchley
Poyser, John, farmer
Poyser, William, blacksmith
Radford, Samuel, grocer, beer retailer and maltster
Raines, J., farmer
Saxton, Mrs., schoolmistress
Shipston, William, scythestick maker and farmer
Sims, Joseph, Bull's Head
Sims, Rachael, Red Lion
Sims, Samuel, stonemason
Sims, William, butcher, Fritchley
Slack, Charles, farmer
Slack, Charles, framesmith
Slack, Henry, boot and shoemaker, Fritchley
Slack, James, miller, Fritchley
Smith, Francis, tailor
Smith, George, Greyhound and wheelwright
Smith, James, blacksmith
Smith, John, farmer
Smith, John, wheelwright
Smith, Ralph, Jovial Dutchman
Smith, R. W., stonemason
Smith, Thomas, butcher
Stocks, John, grocer and baker
Storer, Samuel, stonemason
Swindell, – , farmer
Taylor, Ben., butcher and farmer
Taylor, B. James, farmer
Taylor, John, butcher and farmer
Taylor, Thomas, saddler.
Taylor, Thomas, farmer
Towndrow, David, farmer
Turner, Robert, station master,
Turton, Francis, farmer
Wall, Jacob, farmer
Walker, James, farmer
Walker, John, King's Arms
Wass, Edward and Co., lead mine proprietors
Wetton, James, tailor
Wetton, William, tailor
Wheatcroft, Abraham, boat builder
White, Daniel, farmer
Whysall, William, farmer
Wightman, Joseph, bobbin manufacturer and general wood turner, Fritchley
Wightman, Thomas, beer retailer
Wightman, William, Canal Inn
Wigley, Edmund, grocer
Wigley, Joseph, butcher
Wiglkey, Sarah, schoolmistress
Witham, Mrs., grocer and druggist
Woodiwiss, Isaac, Whet Sheaf
Wright, Joseph, blacksmith, Fritchley
Wyvill, Samuel, joiner
Yeomans, Thomas, farmer
Young, Richard, plumber and glazier.



Post Office at John Thatcher’s; letters arrive by foot-post from Matlock Bath at 10.0 a.m., and are despatched at 4.30 p.m.
Holmes, Rev. Melville, incumbent
Staley, George

Blackwell, Joseph, farmer
Bobanks, James, grocer and chandler
Bown, William, Gate Inn and farmer
Calow, Francis, wood turner
Calow, William, shoemaker
Cook, John, farmer
Eaton, Ann, farmer
Farnsworth, John, bleacher
Fox, James and Joseph, millers
Garton, John, bleacher and paint works
Hackett, Thomas, smallware manufacturer
Hicklin, William, farmer
Potter, John, stonemason
Radford and Sons, cotton spinners
Smith, Joseph and Stephen, nurseryman
Smith, Samuel, dyer
Spencer, Thomas, farmer
Spencer, William, shoemaker
Spendlove, Job, farmer T
Taylor, Timothy, George and Dragon Inn
Thatcher, John, grocer
Twigg, Ben., farmer
Watts, Grace, farmer
Wetton, Elizabeth, farmer
White, George, blacksmith
Whittaker, William, shopkeeper



Frost, John, Bunting House

Bansall, Matthew, farmer
Bryan Matthew, farmer
Cardeux Mary Ann, schoolmistress
Cresswell, farmer and brickmaker
Cross, John, shopkeeper
Goodwin, William, farmer
Hodgson, Thomas, farmer
Lane, William, shoemaker
Marriott, Mary, farmer
Marsden John, farmer
Marshall, Elizabeth, farmer
Mountney, james, shopkeeper and farmer
Rawson, Eloizabeth, shopkeeper
Rawson, William, farmer
Sadler, Thomas, wheelwright
Sims, James, Three Horse Shoes
Sims, John, farmer
Sterland, William, Horse and Jockey butcher, and tanner
Taylor, Timothy, shoemaker
Thorpe, Thomas, farmer
Tomlinson, W., blacksmith
Wetton, George, farmer
Wheatcroft, William, shoemaker
White, Joseph, farmer
Willott, George, farmer
Willott, Jonathan, farmer
Wragg, Edward, farmer
Wragg, George, farmer
Wragg, Samuel, farmer
Yeomans, John, farmer

Note: In the Crich records Benjamin Broadhurst is shown as being at the Thatched House Tavern. This was not in Crich but at Ambergate on the site of the Hurt Arms (the Tavern was demolished before 1874)

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