which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

A collection of the sufferings of the people called Quakers, for the testimony of a good conscience from the time of their being first distinguished by that name in the year 1650 to the time of the act commonly called the Act of toleration granted to Protestant dissenters in the first year of the reign of King William the Third and Queen Mary in the year 1689 (Volume 1)

Besse, Joseph. 1753

Rather a long title for a book!
There are names of Derbyshire Quakers who suffered for their religion in this chapter, including several local families.

The following link will download chaper 10 of the book which is the Derbyshire entry. It is quite a large pdf file so may take a little time to load. The downloaded chapter will be in its original format.

Joseph Besse: Sufferings of the people called Quakers: Chapter X

Below is a more modern edition from the original, reprinted in the 1800s, which is easier to read.

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