which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

CRICH in Slater's Directory (1862)

Transcribed by Peter Patilla


CRICH is a parish, partly in the hundreds of Morleston and Litchurch, Scarsdale and Wirksworth – the village is about 5 miles E. from Wirksworth, the same distance west from Alfreton, and 2½ miles from South Wingfield railway station, on the North Midland line. There are numerous stone quarries in the neighbourhood, and lime is burnt in large quantities, TheCromford canal passes along the western side of the parish, and through a tunnel at its north- western and southern extremities. The Rowsley and Matlock branch of the North-Midland Railway passes in the same direction. The parish church of Saint Mary is built of the rough gritstone taken from a quarry close to where it stands : the living is a discharged vicarage, in the gift of the Crown – there are also chapels for Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists. The manor of Wakebridge, in this parish, which formerly belonged to Darley Abbey, still enjoys the privilege of exemption from the king's duty on lead ore Fairs; for cattle are held on the 6th of April and 11th of October. The parish of Crich contained in 1851, 3,670 inhabitants.

About one mile south of Crich is the respectable little hamlet of FRITCHLEY. A large and powerful steam saw and turning mill here employs several hands. A chapel for Congregationalists and one for Primitive Methodists are in the village – the population of which is returned with the parish.

SOUTH WINGFIELD is a parish in the hundred of Scarsdale – the village, which is situated 2½ miles E. by N. from Crich, and the same distance west from Alfreton, is picturesque and neat, but chiefly admired for the interesting ruins of its ancient manor house, noticed in the account of Alfreton. This is a well known station on the North-Midland Railway; close to which are the extensive works of the Oakerthorpe Iron and Coal Company, in which a considerable number of hands are employed. The places of worship are the parish church of All Saints and a chapel for Wesleyan Methodists. The living of Wingfield is a discharged vicarage, in the gift of the Duke of Devonshire; the Rev. Emanuel Halton is the present rector. The parish contained in 1851, 1,092 inhabitants

POST OFFICE, CRICH, Charlotte Witham, Post Mistress – Letters from all parts arrive every morning at eight, and are despatched at six in the evening.
POST OFFICE, FRITCHLEY, Mary Leam. Post Mistress.- Letters from all parts arrive every morning at eight, and are despatched every evening at half-past six.
POST OFFICE, SOUTH WINGFIELD. Samuel Taylor, Post Master.- Letters from all parts arrive every morning at eight, and are despatched at six in the evening.

Gentry and. Clergy,
Campbell Rev.–, South Wingfield
Chawner Rev. William, Crich
Fletcher Mrs. Penelope, Rose Cottage
Fourdrinier Mr. Percy, Wingfield Cottage, South Wingfield
Halton Rev, Emanuel Sth, Wingfield
Hurt, the Misses, Chase Cliff
Nightingale William Edward Shaw, Esq. Lea Hurst
Pearson John, Esq. South Wingfield
Saxton Mrs. Ann, Crich
Smith Mrs., Crich

Professional Persons.
Alsop Luke, land and mineral surveyor and barmaster for the manor and liberty of Crich
Froggatt Mary, schoolmistress, South Wingfield
Hall Thos. Wingfield; surgeon, Crich
Hathway Nicholas, surgeon, Crich
Newton Abel, schoolmaster, South Wingfield
Radford John William, master of National School, Crich

Inns and Public Houses.
Black Swan, Samuel Bower, Crich
Blue Bell, Frederic Summerton, South Wingfield
Bull's Head, Wm.. Cheetham, Crich
Bull's Head, Ann Burley, Whatstandwell bridge, Crich
Canal Inn,Thos. Fletcher, Bull bridge
Greyhound, George Smith, Crich
Horse and Groom, Joseph Cupit, South Wingfield
Horse & Jockev, Catherine Falkner, South Wingfield
Jovial Dutchman, Ralph Wheeldon Smith, Crich
King's Arms, John Walker, Crich
Red Lion, William Sims, Fritchley
Wheatsheaf, Charles Baker, Crich
Wheatsheaf, Isaac Woodiwis, Whatstandwell bridge, Crich

Alsop John, Crich
Barlow Samuel, South Wingfield
Beardsall William, South Wingfield
Blunstone Francis, Crich
Boag Robert, Crich
Bowes Sarah, South Wingfield
Bowmer Isaac, Bull bridge
Bowmer John, Crich
Bowmer Thomas, Fritchley
Bradley Francis, Crich
Broadhurst Daniel, Crich
Bromley Samuel, South Wingfield
Brown Thomas, Crich
Bryan —, Crich
Burley Ann, Crich
Burton Jeremiah. Crich
Butler Samuel, Crich
Cockayne Luke, South Wingfield
Cope Robert, Oakerthorpe
Crichlow Thomas, Crich
Cupit John & George, Wingfield park
Cupit William, South Wingfield
Dale George, Crich
Edmond Samuel, Oakerthorpe
Fletcher George, South Wingfield
Flint Henry, Crich
Flint Joseph, South Wingfield
Flint William, Morewood moor, South Wingfield
Fritchley William, Fritchley
Froggatt Christopher, Sth. Wingfield
Germon Amatt, Crich
Gibbons Stephen, Crich
Greatorex Wm. (Exors. of), Crich
Hall John, South Wingfield
Hall William F. South Wingfield
Harrison William, Crich
Harvey George (and assistant overseer), South Wingfield
Harvey James, South Wingfield
Haslam Brothers, South Wingfield
Hay Robert, Crich
Hill George, Crich
Hopkinson John, Crich
Hopkinson John, South Wingfield
Hunt William, Wingfield park
Jeffries James, Crich
Lee James, Crich
Lee Joseph, South Wingfield
Lee Robert, Dimple house, Crich
Lee William South Wingfield
Limb Job, Morewood moor
Lynam —, Wingfield park
Machin Jabez Wingfield park
Marshall David, Crich
Milner Arthur, Morewood moor
Nicholson Richard, Crich
Ottewell Isaac, South Wingfield
Pearson John, South Wingfield
Platts Samuel, South Wingfield
Porter —, Crich
Povser George, Crich
Purdy James, Wingfield park
Purdy Thomas, South Wingfield
Rains James, Crich
RedfernThomas, South Wingfield
Saylis William, Morewood moor
Shepston —, Crich
Slack Charles (Exors. of), Crich
Smith Charles Morewood moor
Smith John, Crich
Smith R. W. Crich
Sowter John, Crich
Taylor Benjamin, Crich
Taylor Emanuel, Crich
Towndrow David, Crich
Walker James, Crich
Walker William, South Wingfield
Wheeldon Thomas, South Wingfield
Williamson Richd. South Wingfield
Yeomans Thomas, Crich
Yeomans William, Crich

Shopkeepers and Traders.
The names without address are in CRICH
Adams John, shoemaker
Barrott Win. beer retailer, Fritchley
Blunstone Francis, butcher
Bowmer Thomas, miller, Fritchley
Bown John, shopkeeper
Bramley George, stone mason, South Wingfield
Brown Joseph, framesmith
Bunting Robert tailor & shopkeeper
Burton Jeremiah, draper, baker and grocer
Cheetham John, shopkeeper
Cheetham William, shopkeeper
Chell George, millwright, Fritchley
Chell John, shopkeeper, Fritchley
Chell John, beer retailer
Clarke Jas.blacksmith, Sth Wingfield
CLAY CROSS COAL Co. lime burners
Cockayne Luke, baker & shopkeeper, South Wingfield
Cockayne Saml. shopkeeper, Fritchly
Crossley Josiah,shopkeeper, Fritchly
Cupit Joseph, shopkeeper, South Wingfield
Curzon James, tailor
Davies Thomas shopkeeper
Else James, agent to Edward Wass, Wakebridge lead mines, Crich
Fletcher George, miller and beer retailer, Wire Mill, Sth.Wingfield
Fletcher Wm. shopkeeper & butcher
Flint Ellen, shopkeeper
Froggatt Christopher shopkeeper & beer retailer, South Wingfield
Goodale Herbert, draper & grocer
Hall William Frederick, auctioneer, Dale House, South Wingfield
Harper Hannah, shopkeeper, Whatstandwell bridge
Harvey Jas. blacksmith,South Wingfield
Harvey Wm butcher, Sth. Wingfield
Haynes George, joiner
Haynes John, joiner
Hickton John, butcher
Higgott James, tailor
Hill George, joiner
Holmes John, boot and shoe maker
Hopkinson Thomas, blacksmith, South Wingfield
Howits Joseph, butcher
Hughes Wm. baker & shopkeeper
Jackson Thomas, beer retailer
James Jos. tailor, South Wingfield
James Samuel, hair dresser, South Wingfield
Jenkinson William, tailor
Jones John, millwright, Fritchley
Leam Mary, shopkeeper, Fritchley
Leam Samuel, wheel wright, Fritchley
Lee James, draper, grocer and sub-distributer of stamps
Lee John Walker, wine and spirit agent, Dimple house
Ludlam Charles, shoemaker, South Wingfield
Merchant Joseph, stone merchant and quarry owner, Crich, Scar and Hurts Quarries, near Whatstandwell
Mills & Co. proprietors of lead ore mines, Old end
Nightingale John, joiner and shopkeeper
OAKERTHORPE IRON and COAL Co. (Limited), iron smelters and coal proprietors, Wingfield – Mr. Percy Fourdrinier, agent
Ollerenshaw Isaac, shopkeeper
Petts Daniel, gunsmith & engraver; Fritchley
Piggin William, boot & shoe maker
Platts Geo. draper. South Wingfield
Poyser J. shoemaker, Fritchley
Poyser Thos. stone mason. Fritchley
Poyser William, blacksmith
Radford Samuel, beer retailer and maltster, Bull bridge
Radford Thomas, joiner and shop keeper, Fritchley
Shipstone Wm. scythe stick maker
Sims Samuel, stone merchant, mason and quarry owner, Duke's Quarries, Crich
Slack James, miller
Smith George, wheelwright South Wingfield
Smith James, blacksmith
Smith James, wheelwright
Smith John, wheelwright
Smith Thomas, butcher
Spencer John, agent to Mills & Co. Old End Lead Mines
Stocks John, baker and grocer
Summerside Thomas, lime agent, Crich Lime Works
Taylor Benjamin, butcher
Taylor Benjamin, lime burner
Taylor John, butcher
Taylor Samuel, butcher, South Wingfield
Taylor Thomas, saddler
Towlson John, thread manufacturer, South Wingfield
Wass Edward, proprietor of lead ore mines, Wakebridge
Wetton James, tailor
Wetton Thomas, joiner, South Wingfield
Wetton William, tailor
Wheatcroft Abraham, boat builder and coal dealer, Bull bridge
Wheatcroft George, shopkeeper
Whitham Charlotte, grocer&druggist
Wightman Thomas, beer retailer & shopkeeper, Bull bridge
Wightman William, wood turner, and timber merchant, Fritchley Steam Saw andTurning Mills
Wigley Edmund, shopkeeper
Williamson Richard, miller, South Wingfield
Winson Humphrey, miller, Bullbridge
Wright Joseph, blacksmith, Fritchly
Wyvill James, tailor
Wyvill Samuel, joiner
Young Richard, plumber & glazier

Note that Fritchley was spelt randomly as Fritchley or Fritchly.

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