which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Turnpike: Holloway to Whatstandwell Bridge 1829

The road that never materialised

Thank you to George Wigglesworth for the following information:

Plans were entered, in 1829, for a turnpike to be built from Holloway to Whatstandwell – it would have been a branch from the Cromford Bridge to Langley Mill turnpike. In effect it would have replaced Braken Lane and the Robin Hood road.

In the event the plan never materialised.

Derbyshire County Council, Derbyshire Record Office, D.R.O. Q/RR/1/31/1 Deposited plan 31. Reproduced by permission.

map of the 1829 turnpike from Holloway

Directory for the 1829 turnpike plan from Holloway

Book of Reference

contains the names of the owners & occupiers or reputed owners & occupiers of the lands through which the inteded Branch will pass.

1 Jno. Storer Geo. Brooks
2 Do. Do.
3 Betty Gaunt (Garden) Geo Ollerhenshaw and
    Thomas Amatt
4 Do.  
5 Lomas  
6 Willm. Edwd. Nightingale Esqre. Jno. Else
7 Do. Do.
8 Do. Do.
9 Do. Do.
10 Crich Church All? Willm. Goodale
11 Willm. Edwd. Nightingale Esqre. In hand
12 Do. Thomas Amott
13 Do. Gervase Spendlove
14 Duke of Devonshire Willm. Sims
15 Francis Hurt Esqr. Do. part in hand
16 Duke of Devonshire Thomas Towndrow
17 Francis Hurt Esq, Sarah Johnson

NB Nos. 11, 13 and 14 are plantations – No. 3 is a garden – all the rest of the line is through lands.
There are no pleasure grounds.

Jno. Wheatcroft

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