which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell

Wheatcroft Institute

At the turn of the century, about 1900, an Institute for social occasions was built and erected in the hamlet of Wheatcroft. It was built in wooden sections by Thomas Thorpe at his Plaistow Hall Farm and carted to Wheatcroft, on a farm dray, where it was erected by Thomas and son George Thorpe. Thomas also made many of the fixtures and fittings for the Institute.

Thomas Thorpe's obituary – read more ...

The Institute was situated between the Chapel and Yew Tree Farm and shared an outside earth closet with the Chapel.

Photograph courtesy of Sue Worboys
Wheatcroft Institute
Wheatcroft Chapel is on the left with the Institute on the right

photo of Wheatcroft Chapel
The institute was to the right of Wheatcroft Chapel

photo of Yew Tree farm
The Institute was just up the lane, behind Yew Tree Farm

site of Wheatcroft Institute
Site of the Institute – all that remains is the stile onto the lane.

site of Wheatcroft oustide WC
The remains of the earth closet shared by the Institute and the Chapel.

The Institute was the hub of the social life for Wheatcroft and surrounding area. It was not unknown for Wessington folk to walk there. Members would pay a few pence to use the facilities such as cards, darts and dominoes. Whist drives, dances and other social events were held there.

newsclipping of Wheatcroft Institute
From the Derbyshire Times, date unknown.

Sometime, around 1960, it was sold-off, dismantled and used as a garage elsewhere.

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