which consists of the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell.

Will of John Radford dated 1568

Transcribed by Terry Radford and reproduced with his permission

JOHN RADFORD of Crych died 1568. Husband of Agnes Radford.

Father of George Radford , Thomas and Elizabeth

In the name of God and the 7th day of January the year of our Lord Jesus Christ 1568
and in the 12th year of the reign of our Sovereign Lady Elizabeth by the grace of God of England, France and Ireland, Queen defender of the faith I John Radford of Cryche the elder, being of good perfect mind and remembrance laud and praise be to almighty God,
being most sure and certain to depart and pass out of this life and miserable world
when it shall please almighty God to appoint the time and fearing the sudden
coming on of the same do make and ordain this my present last Will and
Testament in manner and form following.

First I do bequeath my soul to almighty God my maker God the son my Redeemer and God the holy ghost my sanctification and comforter three persons and one very God in Trinity beseeching our blessed Lady and all the holy company in heaven to pray for me and with me that faithfully believing so to be and that by and through the merits and passion
of our saviour Jesus Christ refusing mine own deeds and merits be they
never so good for they be nothing but sin , And as for my body I will that
it be buried and interred within the holy sanctuary of Cryche where it
shall release the Vicar and other of my friends to appoint the place by
their discretions Also I will that my mortuary be paid according unto
the statute made thereof else it is my last will and mind that I be
honestly brought home in the day of my burial of the whole of my goods.

I bequeath to Thomas my son my second yolk of oxen and 3 silver
spoons also I bequeath to George my son 3 silver spoons, and the signet
that was my fathers with other things thereto annexed

Also I bequeath to Elizabeth Ive my daughter one cow to give her children my love also I bequeath to each one of my sisters children 12d. also I bequeath to each one of my godchildren to remember me 4d.

Also I will that after I brought home my body buried all legacies and bequests justly done and fulfilled I freely give and bequeath the residue of both my farm and all my goods unbequeathedm, to George my son charging the said George my son of my daily blessing that he do keep Agnes my wife ,his mother, honestly as I did use her and kept her in my life time and I will that Agnes my wife shall have at her last end £6 and one coffer that was the old vicars and to distribute the £6 where she please, and if Agnes my wife be not content
nor pleased with this my said Will, then I will that she shall have the third part of my house and goods at the oversight of Sir Richard Bankes vicar of Cryche and Thomas my son and such as they shall take unto them.

And for a true fulfilling of this my Will and Testament I ordain, make and constitute Agnes my wife and George my son my faithful executors and of the executing of the same I ordain and constitute Thomas Radford my son and Sir Richard Bankes
Vicar of Cryche, the overseers to see that my last Will be justly done and fulfilled
in every point & article hereof.

And I utterly remit forsake and disannul all other former Wills and Testaments here before made by me at any time or times but only this to
take and have full strengths & virtue.

These being witness Sir Richard Bankes ,Vicar of Cryche, George Bunting of Pleastowe and William Gregson senior of Cryche with others more the day and years above said

written by me Sir Richard Bankes

Vicar aforesaid

Note The original will gives an example of the 1568 Vicar of Crich handwriting

Will John Radford 1568

John Radford, Crich, 1568
Reproduced by kind permission of the Lichfield Record Office.

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